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Episode 49




“What’d you do to him?” Sami asked nervously.

“He’s just sleeping and will be for a couple hours. Don’t worry. I just made him a nice, relaxing cup of tea before I went back and got you,” E.J. said smiling.


“From your nanny’s recipe?” Sami asked

“No, my pharmacist’s,” E.J. said. “Come on. We need to get upstairs where we can talk and plan how we’re going to get you the hell out of here.”

E.J. shut the door of the attic behind them and locked it and Sami nearly suffocated him with her tight embrace.


“E.J., I’m so glad you got your memory back,” Sami said pulling back from the hug to look up at him and clutch his face with her right hand. “When did you start to remember everything?”

“Well, Samantha,” E.J. said pulling her hand off his face. “The thing is I don’t remember everything. I started to remember after the night we spent together…”

“Really?” Sami said excitedly before confusion set in. “But if you’ve had your memory back since then why have you acted this way?”


“I’ve acted this way because Samantha I remembered the night our child was conceived and I haven’t wanted to try to remember anything else,” E.J. said. “I just didn’t want to remember hurting you the way I did, the night I… I… I forced you to have sex with me to save Lucas’s life… and I didn’t know how to tell you. I didn’t understand how you couldn’t hate me when I’ve so hated myself.”

E.J. went and sat on the bed and sighed and held his face with his hands.

“E.J., I did hate you for a long time,” Sami said sitting down next to him and grabbing his hand. “But you’ve proven to me both before you lost your memory and now that you do care about me and this baby. I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense. I can’t really understand it either, but I just know that I need you.”

Sami stood up and started pacing.


“I also know, E.J., that a lot of the things you did that hurt me were because of your family, just like the things I did that hurt you were because of mine,” Sami said.

E.J. stood up behind her and pulled her back into his gaze.

“Whatever you may have done to me, I’m sure I deserved it,” E.J. said.

“Well kind of,” Sami said laughing.

“And I’m sure whatever it was you did to me, it couldn’t have been that bad anyway,” E.J. said smiling.

Sami laughed nervously as she remembered standing over E.J. as he was doused in gasoline and she held a lit match.


“The thing is now that I’ve told you the truth I think I can go to my father and tell him that I’ve started to get my memory back,” E.J. said. “That I now know that he erased my memory to help me forget that night I raped you, but that you’ve forgiven me so everything is all right now. I can reason with him and we’ll just wait until the baby is born and then we’ll do the transfusion.”

“No,” Sami said. “E.J., you can’t go to your father. And I’m not letting our baby help him. He’s kept us trapped here all these months, me by his DiMera goons, and you trapped by your memory loss so we could be pawns on his chessboard for him to do with what he wishes. What we have to do is find a way to get to Tony.”

“Tony?” E.J. scoffed.


“Yes, Tony. Your real father,” Sami said.


“Doc, you’re finally here,” Roman said getting out of the booth at the Brady Pub to hug Marlena.


“Yes, Roman, I’m here,” Marlena said. “Although I wasn’t expecting you to greet me so warmly after you stormed out of Chez Rouge.”

“I’m sorry about that,” Roman said. “I’m sorry about everything and not explaining myself over the phone…”

“Oh, don’t worry about it Roman,” Marlena said. “Just tell me what is so urgent that you had to see me again. Did you hear from Anna again?”

“Well, I did get a call from Anna,” Roman said. “But not about my proposal. About Sami.”


“Sami,” Marlena said grabbing Roman’s hand as tears filled her eyes.

Just then John cleared his throat as he stood over them and Marlena quickly let go of Roman’s hand.

“It took me a while, but I finally found a parking space, Doc,” John said as he sat down in the booth next to them. “Hi, Roman.”

“Hi, John,” Roman said. “I was just telling Marlena about some news we got about Sami’s whereabouts. Anna overheard something about Sami when she was outside Tony DiMera’s office earlier.”


“What the hell was she doing at Tony DiMera’s office?” John asked, before Marlena kicked his leg with her heel to let him know that it wasn’t a very tactful thing to say. “I mean… what did Anna find out?”

Before Roman could answer Anna walked into the pub.


“Well, it looks like Anna is here so she can tell you herself,” Roman said.


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