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Episode 48




Anna crept down the hallway and discovered Tony’s office door wide open, but when she noticed Kate Roberts was inside and talking to Tony she decided to linger outside the door and listen before making her presence known.


Tony attempted to brush off Kate’s queries about his mysterious trip to New Orleans, but to no avail.

“Tony, we’re partners,” Kate said. “You need to tell me why you’re taking the Mythic jet to New Orleans.”


“It’s not important,” Tony said dismissively.

“Like hell it isn’t,” Kate insisted.

“All right,” Tony said. “I’ll tell you. I need to get to New Orleans to stop your son. Sami is being held captive there and I need to make sure he doesn’t find her.”


Anna’s heart broke at hearing Tony’s cruelty toward Roman’s daughter. She quickly headed toward the elevator dialing her cell phone so she could call him and tell him what she found out.

Meanwhile, Kate pressed Tony to explain what was going on.

“Oh, like you care about Sami Brady,” Tony said. “You helped me after all. You covered for me when Roman asked how I found you all when I crashed your search party. And Lucas was so close to finding her when he was outside that attic door and you got him to give up on her and walk away.”


“I… I… I didn’t do anything,” Kate said in a fit of conscience. “Lucas made the decision to walk away. I just helped him see that was the right decision.”

“Well, you failed to help him make the right decision just now so I need to see to it myself that he never find her,” Tony said vaguely.

“What does that mean?” Kate said.

“Nothing,” Tony said kissing her cheek. “I’m sorry Kate. But I have to go.”


Kate sighed as Tony grabbed his briefcase and headed out of his office. She sat at his desk chair and noticed a picture frame that he had been holding and looking at while he was on the phone. It was of Tony and Anna. Kate threw the picture down on the ground and it shattered.


“E.J., you’re not going to let them do this are you?” Sami said pounding his chest.

“I’m sorry, Samantha,” he said dragging her into the hallway of the secret passage way of Maison Blanche. “Truly sorry.”


Defeated and resigned to her fate, Sami didn’t even bother struggling as E.J. linked arms with her to escort her out of the medical room. She didn’t cry either. There were no tears left.

But as they walked past his old room toward the fireplace passageway suddenly E.J.’s demeanor changed.


“Don’t worry, Samantha. There is no way in hell I’m letting Rolf get his hands on our baby,” he whispered.

“What did you say?” Sami asked.

“Shhhh,” E.J. whispered in her ear as he gently covered her mouth before they stepped through the passageway.

“Ahhhh E.J.,” Rolf said greeting them on the other side and taking a sip from a cup of tea. “It appears you found the missing patient and we can begin the surgery.”

“Actually Rolf, I was just back visiting with my father and Lexie and it appears my father changed his mind about the surgery tonight,” E.J. lied. “He just wanted to visit with his daughter a little and catch some rest. You are NOT to disturb him.”


“But…” Rolf said before E.J. quickly interrupted him.

“Rolf,” E.J. said putting his hand on Rolf’s shoulder. “Lexie is a doctor. If his condition worsens she will tell us, but until she does why don’t you get some rest? You’re looking a little worn out yourself.”

“Well… I….” Rolf stammered.

“I insist,” E.J. said. “I appreciate you caring for my father around the clock, but I worry if you don’t get some rest soon you might do the umbilical cord blood transfusion wrong or something. Come on. I can see those eyelids drooping. You deserve a night off.”


Rolf eyed him suspiciously but as E.J. smiled a wide open mouth smile Rolf let out a sudden yawn.

“See, I told you,” E.J. said pushing Rolf toward the couch and onto it. “Now don’t worry about Samantha. I’ll keep an eye on her and the baby. She’s in good hands with me.”

Sami looked back and saw Rolf slump over unconscious as E.J. ushered her up the stairs.


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