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Episode #72, Tuesday March 21:



Episode #72, Tuesday March 21:

- Maggie, Jack, and Lexie all end up at the Salem Inn checking in around the same time.

- Mickey and Jennifer comfort each other over the fact that they have kicked Maggie and Jack out of the houses. Meanwhile, Abe arrives looking for Jack to talk about Tony's murder.

- Belle decides to tell Phillip that she is still in love with Shawn and always will be...once the trial is over.

- Shawn Sr. wakes up! The doctors still declare him in criticial condition.

- Carrie, Austin, Sami, and Lucas touch down in Chicago and head straight for the bus station.

- Maggie tells Jack and Lexie her story about how she's started drinking again, but how she doesn't remember it - except for accidentally taking a sip of vodka at the Penthouse Grille.

- Mickey opens up to Jennifer and Abe about the same.

- The foursome are there when Will's bus comes into the station in Chicago, but

- The doctors tell Caroline that Shawn Sr. looks like he will be OK in the longrun, but they need to proceed with caution.

- Laura contemplates taking the stand in favor of Shawn and telling the courts about the sorry state of Phillip and Belle's marriage, but she realizes that she cannot break doctor/patient confidentality.

- Jack opens up to Lexie and Maggie about how he is being forced to keep something from Jennifer and Abby in order to protect them, but how Jennifer has caught on and demands to know. He tells them that Jennifer and Abby's lives depend on him keeping this secret.

- Jennifer tells Abe and Mickey about Jack and his secrets.

- The countdown to the custody trial heats up and is only minutes away...but Phillip and Belle worry when Shawn nor Claire are no where to be found.

- Victor and Caroline come to the conclusion that they are not meant to be together. They theorize that Caroline is meant to be with Shawn, and Victor is meant to be with Kate, but Caroline refuses with the latter.

- Lexie tells Jack and Maggie about how she's cheated on Abe once again. She says that her latest indescretion is with Tek. She says that Abe will never forgive her this time.

- Abe confesses to Mickey and Jennifer that he and Lexie are now separated becase she cheated on him once again.

- Carrie continues to keep her pregnancy a secret, and it worries her when Austin and Sami grow closer than ever, and they share another passionate kiss. Carrie tries once again to get Austin to see that Sami has framed her for blackmailing Nicole out of town, but to no avail. Sami and Lucas fear for their son's life when they realize they truly have no idea where he is. Meanwhile, Will gets off a bus and enters a station. The front of the bus reads...."BOSTON."


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