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Episode #73, Wednesday March 22:



Episode #73, Wednesday March 22:

- The custody trial begins and Shawn is no where to be found - and neither is Claire!

- Sami and Lucas remain baffled about Will's whereabouts.

- The proceedings at the custody trial begin despite Shawn's absence. Kate and Phillip's lawyer slaughters Shawn's name.

- Sami recalls how she once ran away, as well.

- Mickey tries to fight to save Shawn's reputation.

- Carrie continues to keep her pregnancy hidden. Austin refuses to give Carrie the time of day.

- Kate and Phillip and Belle's lawyer paints Shawn as an unstable single parent and how the Kiriakis' are better suited for Claire.

- Carrie suggests while they are in Chicago they should stop by and all talk to Nicole, but Sami turns Carrie's attempt at getting to the truth into making her look selfish in the eyes of Austin.

- Shawn, Jan, Trey, and Claire burst into the courtroom mid-trial. Shawn whispers something to Mickey.

- Lucas realizes the only way he can win Sami back is to make Sami look awful in Austin's eyes and break them up forever.

- Mickey feels awful, but he follows his the advice of his client, Shawn, and he puts Belle on the stand. Belle admits, under oath, that her marriage to Phillip is not as perfect as it has been painted today. Once Mickey grills her, Belle confesses that she is still in love with Shawn and loves him more than she loves Phillip. Phillip is heartbroken and shocked beyond belief.

- Lucas tells Carrie that he needs to know every detail about how she and Sami worked together to rid Austin of Nicole. Lucas tells Carrie that his first priority is finding his son, but he wants to split Austin and Sami up by revealing Sami's lies and how she framed Carrie.

- Before the judge can make his decision, Shawn reveals that he and Jan have been MARRIED this morning and can provide Claire with a stable home enviroment with Trey than the Kiriakis' can! Belle faints.


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