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Episode #74 - Thursday, March 23:



Episode #74 - Thursday, March 23:

- Anna goes to Chicago to be with Carrie when she gets an urgent call from her.

- Belle awakens and can't believe that Shawn has married Jan.

- Phillip is heartbroken over what Belle has just said on the stand.

- Will calls Sami!

- Victor and Caroline both arrive at Claire's custody trial.

- Carrie tells Anna that she is pregnant with Austin's child.

- The judge awards custody to Shawn and Jan.

- Kate tells Belle that she will get her for hurting her son.

- Phillip tells Belle that he wants a divorce.

- Caroline pleads with Shawn to tell her that what she's heard isn't true. She says that Shawn could not have married...JAN SPEARS!?

- Will tells Sami that he will come home when he is good and ready, and he blames Sami for his running away. He tells her that she's never been able to provide him with a stable home.

- Anna discusses how much she hates Sami to Lucas, who tells Anna how much he loves Sami.

- Shawn tells Caroline that all of the evil things Jan did were because of a tumor and that his great-grandfather, Tom Horton's, good friend from the hospital has confirmed all of this to be true. He tells her that he has spent time with Jan the last few weeks and does believe she has changed. He also tells her that Jan gave birth to his child while she was in a coma and has the DNA tests to prove it.

- Sami pleads with Will to tell them where he is in Chicago so they can meet and work this out. Will tells her that he's not in Chicago, but on the east coast.

- Anna and Lucas both figure that Austin will leave Sami when he learns that Sami framed Carrie as the one who blackmailed Nicole into leaving town when it was, in fact, Sami.

- Shawn tells his grandmother Caroline that he had Lexie run new DNA tests on Trey and that Trey is without a doubt Shawn's son. He tells her that he had no choice because he overheard Phillip and Kate plotting to tarnish his name in court. He also explains that Mickey said he had no chance winning custody of Claire againts Phillip and Belle. Jan says that she knows Shawn doesn't love her like she wants him to yet, but she thinks he will learn to, in time, as they build their family with Trey and Claire. Caroline is hesitant but gives them her blessing.

- Sami and Austin panic when they realize that they are not even close to finding Will.

- Lucas and Anna decide to team up and expose Sami in the hopes that Lucas will then be able to have Sami and Carrie and Austin can be together.

- Shawn tells Belle that it's sad that it took being pledged under oath for her to realize who she truly loves. He says that he can't forgive her just yet for trying to take custody of Claire away from him. He says that he does intend on raising Claire and Trey with Jan whom he truly feels has changed.


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