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Episode #75 - Friday, March 24:



Episode #75 - Friday, March 24:

- Shawn, Trey, Claire, and Jan settle in at the loft.

- Anna and Lucas try to figure out how to expose Sami. Lucas feels bad about deceiving Sami, but Anna urges him to do so.

- Kate and Bonnie discuss how they tried to keep Belle and Shawn apart by keeping the paternity of Claire a secret, but it turns into an argument.

- Jennifer informs a heartbroken Abby that she has asked her father to move out.

- Cassie and Max steam up the bedroom...again.

- Carrie comes close to telling Austin that she's pregnant with his child.

- Jennifer explains to Abby that her father is keeping secrets from them.

- Kate and Bonnie accuse each other of killing Tony.

- Roman, Abe, and Jack decide to set a trap for Tony's killer.

- Lucas, Sami, Carrie, and Austin decide to head to the east coast in order to search for Will. They decide to target big cities and decide on New York City first.

- Kate and Bonnie each decide to try and frame the other for the murder of Tony.

- Max thinks of Abby while he has sex with Cassie.

- Phillip packs Belle's bags and tells her to get out.

- Max recalls how he broke Abby's heart because he fears his past has caught up with him and he's responsible for her shooting.

- Abby and Jennifer speculate who could have been the person who shot Abby at the Valentine's Day dance.

- Kate vows to get revenge on Belle.

- Phillip won't rest until Claire is back with him where she belongs.

- Belle has no where to turn and ends up in the park alone and crying.


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