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Episode #180 - Monday, June 4th, 2007:

  • Georgia arrives to complete her community service. She arrives at the site of a Habitat for Humanity building site. The site adviser is rough on her and puts her to work immediately, carrying some very heavy lumber.
  • A gunshot flies through the window as Frankie, Greta, Eric, and Kristen all duck for cover. Glass flies through and nails Frankie in the face. He cries out in pain. When the smoke clears, all four lay on the ground...there is blood trickling out...as they all lie in a red puddle.
  • Caroline arrives to see Victor...telling him she has something important to tell him.
  • Stefano masquerades in police officer garb to try and sneak in and see Maggie in the prison.
  • Shawn is shocked when he calls out for Bo...and Bo ignores him.
  • Georgia is fuming mad when she sees Hope talking to the site adviser. Georgia confronts them both asking how they know each other. Hope reveals he is her good friend. Georgia is outraged. She cannot believe Hope would do this. The adviser tells her to get back to work or he'll have her removed from the site, which will violate the terms of her punishment...and she'll be sent to jail!
  • Eric comes to. He rushes to Greta's side. He realizes Kristen is in bad shape. Frankie awakens. Eric asks Frankie to take Greta and care for her. Frankie does. Eric rolls Kristen over...to see she was shot in the stomach. Eric cries out hold Kristen close, rocking her gently. He prays for the life of their baby boy.
  • Caroline tells Victor she's come to say goodbye.
  • Billie awakens from her surgery.
  • Shawn follows his father...who is lurking around a strange part of Salem.
  • Greta comes to. She grows frightened for Kristen.
  • Victor tells Caroline she can't go, saying her whole life has been here. Caroline informs him Roman and Anna are going back to Europe, and she feels as though she needs to go with them. She says the last 18 months of her life have been the most trying yet. She misses Shawn Sr. She's been through so much with the explosion at the Pub, the fire at the fashion show, and then being attacked by Maggie.
  • Billie is pleased to see Austin, Nicole, Kate, Jenna, and Philip with her.
  • Stefano arrives to see Maggie...Maggie demands to know what he is doing there!
  • Shawn follows Bo into an alleyway. He loses him. He finds him minutes later...and catches his father having sex with a strange woman in the alleyway!
  • Georgia is very pleased to see Jeremy on the site. She asks him what he is doing there. Jeremy reveals he is being forced to do service work for helping Jan go on the run. He admits he thinks his family pulled some strings and got him a light sentence. Georgia reveals Hope has also pulled some strings...to make sure her life is a living hell! Jeremy says that doesn't sound too much like Hope, but Georgia fires back that Jeremy doesn't know the Hope she does!
  • Kristen and her unborn baby are rushed to the hospital.
  • Stefano tells Maggie if she wants to get out of prison, he will listen to her! Maggie says if she committed these crimes, then she does not deserve to get out of prison. She asks Stefano if he has anything to do with her committing these crimes. Stefano swears he did not and admits he would never have his daughter or grandchildren murdered. He is insulted at her insinuation.
  • Hope and Alice decide they should do something a little different this year for the Brady/Horton BBQ.
  • Shawn grabs Bo and flings him around, demanding to know what the hell is going on! Shawn is shocked to see...it's not Bo...but a man (played by Dylan Walsh) who looks just like Bo!
  • Victor and Caroline say goodbye.
  • Jeremy opens up to Georgia about Jan being sent away to prison. Georgia offers Jeremy a shoulder to lean on.
  • Mike reveals Billie's test results are very encouraging.
  • Hope and Alice find information on renting a private ship to have the Brady/Horton BBQ on Lake Michigan just off the coast of Illinois! Hope and Alice agree this is perfect.
  • Roman, Anna, and Caroline say goodbye to Sami, Carrie, Bo, and Salem.
  • Eric, Greta, and Frankie stay in the lobby of the Hospital and say a prayer for Kristen and her baby. Eric cannot believe he is saying this, but he thinks someone should call Tony...saying Kristen is going to need someone when she wakes up...if she wakes up.
  • While unconscious, Kristen's life begins flashing before her eyes as she remembers strange things about her time in Salem...starting with the first moment that started it all...the moment that was the beginning of the end for the life as she knew it.

Next on DAYS: Bo's lookalike has a shocking connection to Salem!


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OK. I guess Im only going to say positive things from now on, since any negative comment seems to mysteriously disappear here. It looks like great summer stories are approaching though.

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