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IT'S WAR!!!!



Episode #182 - Tuesday, June 5th, 2007:

  • Shane, Kim, Kayla, and Marlena try to get to the root of Steve's missing years. Kayla tells Marlena Steve shot her...and her kidnapped Stephanie, and she needs to know why! Marlena suggests Steve is under the control of Stefano like John and Hope were at one time.
  • Shawn apologizes to the man who resembles his father. Unbeknownst to Shawn, the man's name is Duncan, and he has a shocking connection to Salem.
  • Mike reveals to all that Billie will be OK in due time. Her body needs some time to let Jenna's T cells and Nicole's bone marrow adapt to her body.
  • Stefano admits to Maggie he is was just as shocked as everyone else when he learned she was the Fury. Maggie says she cannot believe a word he says...recalling how he kidnapped Mickey way back when Stefano first came to Salem! Stefano reveals a thirty plus year long secret...he says the only reason he ever truly did that was because he fell madly in love with her and had to have her. Maggie is shocked...and disgusted.
  • Marlena puts Steve under hypnosis.
  • Kim and Shane are so glad Andy is far away and safe from danger.
  • Meanwhile, Andy's plane lands in San Diego...and Addie is following him!
  • Billie begins to look at Mike in a whole new light. Kate sees the look in Billie's eye. Kate warns Billie that she has a tendency of falling for men who play hero to her. First Bo, then Roman, then Jack. Kate warns Billie...she tells her not to get hurt - again!
  • Maggie tells Stefano she is two seconds away from screaming for the police to come so he can be thrown in jail along with her. He says he would not mind because then, they will be together. But he reveals they will be together...outside of this place! Maggie tells Stefano she wants nothing to do with him. Stefano says it's already too late for that. Stefano confesses to Maggie that he's already made plans to get revenge on the good people of Salem for what they have done to her. Stefano vows to break her out of here and get specialists to help her figure out why she has done this. Maggie demands to know what plans he is talking about. Stefano laughs.
  • Andy arrives at Kayla's apartment. Shane and Kim are outraged and tell Andy to get back to Salem immediately. Andy refuses, saying this is the first time Shane and Kim have been in the same room together in years, and he knows there is a big reason behind it. He demands to know why. Meanhile, Addie bursts through the door in an eccentric fashion just like her parents.
  • Marlena breaks deep into Steve's mind and has Steve tell her about being on the run from the ISA during his missing years...but also how he was kidnapped one night where he was held prisoner for months.
  • Billie thanks her mother for her advice. Kate opens up to Billie that life without Lucas is too terrible to bear. Billie asks Kate if Jenna is helping her through this rought time. Kate explains to Billie that she and her Aunt Jenna have a tumultuous relationship.
  • Jenna and Mike Horton flirt. Mike realizes Jenna is nothing but trouble.
  • Steve explains to Marlena that he remembers Stefano there...and how Stefano programmed him to be his latest pawn.
  • Jenna looks at Mike Horton from a corner of the hospital while she takes a picture out of her purse...a picture of Mike Horton!
  • Marlena tells Kayla, Shane, and Kim that it is like they feared...Steve has been programmed to be Stefano's pawn. Kayla cannot believe Stefano has been planning this for so long. Marlena says that is how Stefano operates...like a chess game...always thinking one, three, five, six moves ahead.
  • Maggie faints. Stefano is worried. When she awakens, she has a strange look in her eye. She then proceeds to tell Stefano to get her out of here! Stefano asks what has happened to change her mind. Maggie lies saying she cannot take it anymore. She turns her back and has an evil smirk.
  • Andy tells Addie she should not have followed him. Addie tells Andy she has strong feelings for him and that she could not let him just run off and do something dangerous without him knowing how she feels! She blabs on and on until Andy pulls her into a kiss.
  • Shane and Kim call Eugene and Calliope and tell them Addie is with them. E & C agree to be in San Diego as soon as they can to bring her home.
  • Marlena and Kayla agree the time has come to fight Stefano with everything they have. Kayla says she will not stop until Stefano is off this earth. Kayla and Marlena decide to recruit John, Shane, and Kim to find Stephanie. Marlena opens up to Kayla saying before she heard of Lucas' death, she was trying to find out the secret to her missing years. Kayla and Marlena refuse to be victims any longer. They both declare war on Stefano Dimera.
  • Stefano arrives in an alleyway where he meets with someone mysterious. Stefano says it's taken long enough for the mystery man to arrive in Salem. Stefano reveals they've already wasted too much time and they need to move fast. He hands the man individual pictures of Hope, Shawn, Georgia, Billie, Zach, JT...and Bo. Stefano tells the man to familiarize himself with the people in this pictures and the documents. Stefano faces the man - Duncan - and calls him the "New Bo Brady" as he laughs maniacally.
Next on DAYS: Is this the end for Kristen?


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