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Episode 14





"Why Kate and Lucas Roberts? It's been a long time no see, hasn't it?" smiled Tony Dimera.

"Tony," Lucas blurted. "What are you doing here?"

Tony chuckled.

"Now by here do you mean in this office, or in Salem or outside of a jail cell?" Tony asked sarcastically. "Well I am here in this office because I am going to save this company, I am back in Salem to reclaim my life and I'm outside of the jail cell because... well our judicial system works. It may take a few years and a few million dollars in attorney fees, but oh does our judicial system work."

Lucas's brow furrowed while Kate laughed nervously at Tony's joke.

"Well, Tony, we welcome any ideas about how to save the company," Kate said walking closer toward him as if drawn by a magnet. "I assume you are here to tell us the whereabouts of your brother?"

"Well, no, I'm afraid not," Tony said. "My brother as I assume you already know, Lucas, has foolishly decided to run away with another man's wife and totally shirked his responsibilities to this company. I am here to make things right. And when I'm done with that I plan to assume the position of Mythic CEO."

"But how?" Kate asked.

"With this," Tony said producing a stack of papers from inside his suit pocket. "I have proof that my brother, E.J. Wells, deflated earnings reports last year so he could pocket $10 million for himself."

"You're going to turn in your own brother?" Lucas asked, betraying some jealousy in his voice from the knowledge that he would not be the one to get bring down E.J. and would have to get revenge some other way.

"Yes, Lucas I am," Tony explained. "E.J. is family and I do value my family. But not at the expense of this company's investors. Now if you two would join me in the conference room for our presentation..."

"Yes, Tony. This way," Kate said, locking her arm in his and escorting him to the waiting board of directors.

"Oh and Lucas?" Tony said smiling and turning his head back toward Lucas who trailed behind them. "I really think I'm going to like working together again."



As the kitchen door shut behind E.J., Sami started in on Lexie, "So has Rolf wiped your memory clean, too? You sure seemed to enjoy E.J.'s screams of pain last night."

"Listen Sami, I'm just trying to do what I have to do to survive. So that one day I can get back to my son... and my husband, if he'll ever take me back," Lexie said defensively before turning it back on Sami. "That's something I'd think you could relate to, isn't it?"


The two of them stopped as E.J. re-entered the room.

"Ready to go, Sami?" E.J. asked cheerfully as Sami looked at him, then Lexie and sighed and got up to leave.

"After you," E.J. said ushering her through the kitchen door.

Sami started walking back toward the fireplace when E.J. came close behind her and grabbed her shoulder.

"Where you going, sweetheart?" E.J. said.

"Well, I thought you were taking me back to my cell so I could lay down," Sami said flatly.

"Your cell?" E.J. laughed. "No, we're not going back to my room. Do you really want to go back to that wretched hovel?"

Sami was perplexed.

"I've been told a flat for you in the attic has finally been finished so if you would like me to show you I'll take you there," E.J. said.

"O.K." Sami said, a little fearful but less so once E.J. grabbed her hand and held it as they made their way up to the stairs to the heavy door at the top of the stairs that he started to unlock.



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