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One of the first things the blog did was replace Christopher Gerse with the exceptionally talented and equally handsome Taylor Handley! The blog promised Will would be taken in a new direction and offered a meaty storyline. When Will returned with Handley in the role, he was dark, edgey, and had a shocking secret! Will was gay!

Will could not handle being in Salem with his secret so he ran away and found himself in Sunset Beach where he met another runaway, Paige. He and Paige bonded and were pleased when it was revealed she was his cousin, Georgia. It was a huge struggle for Will to come out of the closet, but he eventually told his cousin, Georgia, and his Uncle Austin, who was his father figure for the first years of his life. Sami and Lucas found out the truth. Lucas fully supported his son and was glad he had come out of the closet, but Sami was thrown off guard and ashamed of her son. She tried to change him.

Smalltown Salem did not react kindly to homosexuality. Will was terrorized at school, and it even escalated to a graphic gay bashing that left Will struggling for his life. It was then that Sami realized how foolish and hateful she was being. Sami vowed if her son lived, she would do anything to accept him for who he is. And Will came to ready to start his life with both of his parents' support!

Meanwhile, evil Alan Harris who had raped a teenage Sami in the nineties returned and had appeared to have changed, but not everything is as it seems! Will was vulnerable after his attack and seeking support and understanding where ever he could. Will and Alan grew closer and closer. On Will's 18th birthday, Will and Alan professed their feelings to each other and had sex. Will had no idea he was "making love" to his mother's rapist since Sami and Lucas had introduced Alan as an "old friend" to protect Will from the truth of her mother's attack.

Alan did not change, and he did not have true feelings for Will! In fact, it was all a plot and a scheme to get revenge on Sami for castrating him years before and sending him to prison for rape. When Sami and Lucas found out the truth about Alan and Will, they confessed everything to Will! Carrie, Austin, Sami, Lucas, and Will - all furious - set off to confront Alan for what he did to Will...and make him pay! Although his body was sent careening into the ocean and never found, Alan was murdered that night. Will had blocked out the evening due to something traumatic that happened that night, but he remembered finding Alan's bloody body on the docks. Sami found a gun, which unbeknown to them was planted in the apartment, and assumed it was Will's. Sami and Will cooked up a lie that Sami would confess to the murder in order to protect him. And so they did.

It was hard for Will to see his mother sent to prison for a crime he thought he committed, but when the truth came out about Sami kidnapping Carrie's baby and making her think it died, it was an easier pill for Will to swallow. Will eventually remembered that he, in fact, did not kill Alan, but he just stumbled upon Alan's bloody body on the docks that night. Will began a hunt to find Alan's real killer so he could free his mother, Sami! It turns out Annie Douglas had actually killed Alan because he knew Sami and Annie had kidnapped Carrie's baby, little Roman Roberts Reed!

It's been a difficult journey for Will in such a short period of time. He was sent out of town by Sami and Lucas with his cousin, Georgia, when the Fury murders reached a terrible climax. He has recently returned to town.

BLOG BONUS: Will has lived through some major tragedies on the blog so far, but his biggest crisis yet is going to be occurring very shortly. Will's life, as he knows it, will be over. And later this summer, a love interest is joining the show to bring Will out of his despair.


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