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Addison "Addie" Bradford came to town in the form of PSNS star, Emily Harper, during the spring of 2007. She is a quirky, eccentric packrat who stumbled across an audiotape which freed Sami from prison and exonerated her from the kidnapping and murder charges. Addie had Annie Douglas’ taped confession for weeks before she realized what it was.

After being a smalltime hero and freeing Andy’s cousin, Sami, from prison, Addie found herself growing increasingly attracted to Andy Donovan. It was soon revealed to readers that Addie was actually posing as Andy’s roommate, E.C., at the all-boys university in Salem. She was posing as E.C. in order to find out all the information Andy had on the Fury. She realized the only way to truly do this was to be around him 24/7…as his roomie! But she soon found her feelings for Andy as ADDIE shifting and coming out when she was posing as E.C.! “E.C.” and Andy soon had some good drunken times that left Andy questioning his sexuality. Little did he know his lady love and his gentleman caller are one in the same!

It was then revealed that Addie is the daughter of another 80’s supercouple – EUGENE AND CALLIOPE! Addie took on the pseudonym E.C. because of her parents, Eugene and Calliope – E and C. She is now working for their private investigation agency trying to prove herself and find out the identity of the Fury. She is very close to uncovering the truth and making her parents very proud.

She will be growing even closer to Andy, but how will he feel when he learns she duped him and their relationship has been based on a lie!?

BLOG BONUS: On the week of May 28th, Addie will come face to face with her parents, Eugene and Calliope, when they return to Salem for the first time in almost 20 years!


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