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The first week the blog began way back in December of 2005, Tony Dimera revealed to Billie and Bo that Chelsea was not the real Georgia Brady! After Billie sprung Tony from prison in an attempt to find the real Georgia, Tony blew up the Brady Pub during the Christmas Party and tragically killed Chelsea! Bo and Billie were heartbroken. It took months to grieve Chelsea, but they eventually began a search for their real daughter.

Enter Peyton List. List was first contracted to play the mysterious Paige, who encountered Marlena in an eerie estate in Maine. Stefano who posed as Alex North kidnapped Marlena and took her to Maine where he locked her up in a huge mansion similar to Maison Blanche. Paige was intrigued by the woman, but she was even more baffled as to why Stefano, whom she thought was her father, would undergo surgery to look like this Alan North character. Stefano lied and told Paige he was an agent for the I.S.A. and had to go undercover as Alex North. He made Paige believe Marlena was a dangerous enemy whom he had to keep locked up at the mansion.

Eventually John came to rescue Marlena. John exposed Stefano to Paige. Paige ran away from the mansion never to return. Paige met another runaway, Will, in a small California town, Sunset Beach. She made her way back to Salem with Will, recognized John and Marlena, and eventually learned she was Georgia Brady, long lost daughter of Bo and Billie.

Georgia studied her family history and photo albums and played a key role in revealing her Uncle Steve was still alive and well. Georgia started a career in modeling where she encountered two quirky personalities, played by real life celebrities, RuPaul Andre Charles and Janice Dickinson. She became addicted to amphetamines as a way to lose weight and stay hip and desirable in the modeling agency.

One night while drugged up on amphetamines, Georgia accidentally hit her brother, John Thomas "J.T." Reiber Brady. J.T. turned out to be OK, but she has since been ostracized from the family for her actions and has sought help to overcome her drug addiction. She was sent out of town in order to be safe from the serial killer, The Fury. She has recently returned to find Hope will NOT forgive her for what she has done.

Georgia is fed up with Hope's hatred of her. She is sick of being bullied by Hope. Georgia will not take it any longer!

BLOG BONUS: This summer, Georgia and Peyton List will both be featured very heavily as Georgia will be getting her groove back! Georgia will not only start to reciprocate Hope's hatred, but she will find herself thrown into a crazy love triangle with Jeremy Horton and Jan Spears Dimera. The first Brady/Horton/Dimera love triangle will be born!


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