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The MCF returns to his or her secret hideaway in the abandoned warehouse office and sits down at the desk.

MCF: Now that I have Steven on board...it's time to seek out more aid for my plans.

The MCF looks at the picture shrine he or she created and begins to laugh.

MCF: All I need is to wait until desperation sets in and then...I make my move.

The scene then shifts to Tony and Anna, who are still imprisoned in their cell in an undisclosed location.

Anna: We're never going to get out of here. It's been months since we were imprisoned.

Tony: Yes but not together. It's only been about a month since you were brought to this cell. I was only here for a little while prior to your arrival. I was in another cell elsewhere. Actually, it was more like a turret you would find in an old European castle. I was then blindfolded and brought here.

Anna: After they nabbed me, I was put in some sort of basement. It seemed like the basement to a church or something. It wasn't far from where I was in Milan though because they blindfolded me and we arrived in 5 minutes, maybe less. I was there for awhile and then they blindfolded me and brought me here. Whereever here is...it is certainly far away from where I was held first because it felt like I was blindfolded for days.

Tony: Yeah...same here. Wait...do you hear that?

Tony and Anna race to the cell door and catch a glimpse of a man. His face is covered with a black shroud and he is clearly wearing a expensice designer suit.

Tony: Excuse me. Hey!! Speak to me, man!! Good God you can at least turn around and face us!!! We are locked in here...we can't do anything. I just want some answers. I just want to know where we are and why you're...

Mystery Man: Mr. Dimera! If you are going to start being difficult, then disciplinary action will be taken. You will not interfere in this operation...too much work and effort has been put in. So...shut your trap and just make nice here with the lovely Ms. Fredericks here and there will be no trouble.

Tony: That voice...it's muffled. I can tell you're trying to make your voice unrecognizable but...I feel like...I know it somehow.

Mystery Man: Good night, Mr. Dimera...Ms. Fredericks.

The mysterious masked man leaves.

Anna: Do you think that man is the person behind all this?

Tony: No...he's involved but he didn't give me the impression he is the person in charge. That voice...I know I have...oh my...

Anna: Tony? What is it?

Tony: I know who that was...despite his best efforts I was still able to make it out...if I'm right. Anna. I mean, if I am right and this man is who I think he is...he is bad enough, Anna. You put this man with someone else of equal and greater power and this makes anything my father has done look like a children's game.

Anna: Your not making me feel better. Who do you think this man is? Who do you think he is working with?

Tony: I have no idea who he is working with but that man we just spoke with is one of great power...he is driven by revenge. He is driven by a desire to see his enemies suffer...and heaven help us if his partner in all this is as hell-bent as he is. I fear this is only beginning, Anna. I feel the worst is indeed yet to come.

Tony comforts a frightened Anna as the scene shifts to outside the cell, where the mystery man is standing. The mystery man takes out a cell phone and dials it.

Mystery Man: It's me. I think the Count knows who I am...he recognized by voice.

MCF (from his or her office hideaway): I thought we agreed you wouldn't speak.

Mystery Man: I tried not to...I needed to shut the Count up. I attempted to make my voice different and...

MCF: No matter...they are imprisoned. They can't stop us...no one can. Everything is right on schedule. Soon, the grand event we have been planning...the grand event we have been waiting for will commence. We will have our revenge...just as long as you handle everything properly from your end.

Mystery Man: I am. Everything is going smoothly. I just want your word...I don't want you to double-cross me.

MCF: If you don't stab me in the back, I will treat you with the same courtesy. That was our deal.

Mystery Man: Fine. Just as long as you keep to your word.

MCF: I will, just as long as you. I will call soon to update you on things from my end.

Mystery Man: Very well. Ciao.

The Mystery Man hangs up, as does the MCF who begins to laugh after hanging up.

MCF: Stupid fool. They're all fools. Promises mean nothing...apparently no one buys into the idea that you never trust anyone. (looks at the cell phone he or she just spoke on) As soon as I am done with you, I will toss you to the side like the useless garbage you are. Just like I did Marlena. This is my Vendetta...my plan...my operation. You are just a pawn in it...just like everyone else.

The MCF begins to laugh again as the scene fades out to...



1.) Tishy

Comment Score: 9 pts (5 comments)

Trivia Score: 10 pts (all correct, 1st sent in)

Week One Total: 19 pts

2.) DH23

Comment Score: 10 pts (6 comments)

Trivia Score: 8 pts (all correct, 3rd sent in)

Week One Total: 18 pts

3.) Psychofan

Comment Score: 8 pts (2 comments)

Trivia Score: 9 pts (all correct, 2nd sent in)

Week One Total: 17 pts

4.) Daysfan and Ryan Chandler

Comment Score: 7 pts (1 comment each)

Trivia Score: 0 pts (no answers submitted)

Week One Total: 7 pts each

5.) Rick and Hoganstays

Comment Score: 0 pts (no comments)

Trivia Score: 0 pts (no answers submitted)

Week One Total: 0 pts each

Therefore, after week one, the standings are as follows:

1.) Tishy

2.) DH23

3.) psychofan

4.) daysfan and Ryan Chandler

5.) Rick and Hoganstays

The 3 players highlighted in red will recieve Vendetta clues via PM tonight. Make sure to check your PM boxes. The clues will be sent by 11 PM EST. Reminder: Since Tishy is the winner of week one, she will get the level one clue this week. DH23 will get the level 2 clue and psychofan will get level 3 clue for this week. Good work everyone and keep commenting and reading!!


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Ooops, I forgot to send in my answers! Sorry!

But, I have my first suspect! I don't think it's right but I do have my first suspect! :)

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  • Members
Ooops, I forgot to send in my answers! Sorry!

But, I have my first suspect! I don't think it's right but I do have my first suspect! :)

It's ok daysfan.

There are many more weeks

left so your still doing well.

There will also be some bonus

opportunities to get extra points

in the future so it will be ok. :)

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  • Members

I have one suspect but I could be wrong. As long as this doesn't turn out to be Alistair Crane I'll be happy ;) (just kidding)

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