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March 27, 2007




-Steve is packing his belongings in a hurry at his and Kayla's suite. He is hoping to be done and gone before Kayla returns. Soon after, he has finished packing and is about to leave the bedroom when he hears Kayla walk in and asks where he is.

-At their cabin near Green Mountain, Cal and Katherine are asleep. Cal begins to have a dream about Katherine and him getting married. She is walking down the aisle and he is smiling. A dark shadow then overcomes Katherine and the chapel. Cal looks around confused. Katherine disappears and Cal asks where she went. The sound of gunshots and screaming men can be heard in the background. The scene then shifts to a battlefield with soldiers running around, avoiding gunfire and explosions.

Cal then jumps up, awake and sweating. The jolt of his waking up gets Katherine up and asks asks what is wrong.

-At the Kiriakis Mansion, Kate demands Philip tell her what he is up to.

Philip: I will just use the power I have. I am a Kiriakis. I am the heir.

Kate: You don't have the power you father had when he died. What little power and influence you have is not enough. Not even your war hero reputation is enough. Philip, you screwed up. I don't think you have any choice right now but to agree to Belle's demands.

Philip: No! I am not agreeing to that bitch's offer. Whose side are you on, anyway? Why are you encouraging me to give up like this?

Kate: Philip...Belle doesn't love you. She is offering you visitation and maybe, with time, things will get better and she will grant you more. But, for right now, this is...

Philip: Oh I see how it is...you are going to do as she says. If I don't agree, you are going to back her up with the police and media because she threatened to not let you see Claire. It's always about you first, isn't it mom? Never around anymore for any of your children except Lucas and Austin and that is only because of Sami. If you didn't hate her so much, you would have no interest in their lives.

Kate: Now, wait a second. I have an interest in all of my children's lives and...

Philip: Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot what you did for Billie was Fall but, again, that was because you can't stand Laura Horton and loved torturing her and making her look bad with Jack and Billie getting closer. The minute Laura accepted it, you backed off. The game was over and you moved on. You meddle in all of your children's lives but hardly ever in mine.

Kate: Excuse me but I pushed you to begin a relationship with Belle. I did alot of things to keep Shawn out of the picture so don't give me that.

Philip: Yeah and where did it get me. Look what is happening, mom.

Kate: It got you Claire, didn't it? Look, I am always on your side and I am sorry if you feel I am slighting you in some way. I am just trying to give you wise advice. Take what you are being offered and behave better towards Belle and she may give you a more reasonable situation with Claire. She is that type of person to...

Philip: No! I am not giving in and the fact that you think I should disgusts me.

Kate: What has happened to...Oh my God. You have become your father. Only...your worse. Philip...don't do this. Don't go down this path. Don't be like this. Fight for what you want but don't...

Philip: Get out!!

Kate: What?

Philip: Get out. Your either with me or against me and it's very clear your against me. As far as I am concerned, I no longer have a mother. Got it, KATE?!

Kate (tears in her eyes): Philip...I...

Philip: I will do what it takes...if I don't have enough power, I will get it. If I don't have enough resources, I will get them. Whatever it takes, I will do it. I will have Claire and everything I want.

Kate: Philip...just listen...


Henderson walks in.

Philip: Please escort Ms. Roberts out and see to it she never steps foot in here again without my persmission.

Kate and Henderson are stunned.

-At Salem Place, Frankie and Greta are at Java Cafe when Victor shows up.

Frankie: Victor. Sorry to call you out so late.

Greta: We called your house and were told you were at Titan so we decided to just call to meet you.

Victor: Yes...I was meeting with some of my detectives who are working on the cloaked figure case. On the phone, you two said something about a plan you, Jack, and Billie have to gather up and examine surveillance videos from several public places around Salem?

Greta: Yes, Victor and we need your help. We need you to pull some strings. Your the only one that can and we figured since you are working with Stefano and the SPD on this. I know you think the four of us shouldn't be involved and that this is dangerous but we are working on this under the radar and...

Victor: I should remind me of Jack and Billie's involvement with the two McCluer children. That hardly makes them an unknown in all this.

Greta: Yes, I know. But they aren't the obvious people to be working on this. This cloaked figure and his or her lackeys are going to have their eyes on the SPD, ISA, and you and Stefano. You all are in the limelight. We're not and we can keep things much more on the down low then you all can. Victor, you helped me before when Eric was ill and needed help. Please...help us again. Help me again. I know you have reservations about all this.

Victor: Oh, I do. You all were warned not to get involved and this is really to serious for all of you.

Greta: Jack is an investigative reporter. Billie is a former cop and ISA agent. I have had my fair share of dangerous experiences and I am the editor of the Spectator. Frankie has been in sticky situations...we can handle it. If anything, we can work some of these angles under the radar without detection. We don't have as many hindrances and, who cares who should or should be working on this. As long as we blow this case open and catch this person, that is all that matters. Please, Victor. Help us. Please.

Greta looks into Victor's eyes as Frankie watches.

-On the plane to Europe, Abe and Celeste talk about Theo and how much he has grown. Abe thanks Celeste for being there for Theo during Lexie's absence. He really loves her. Celeste says she loves him too and was happy to be.

Celeste: I was never around for Alexandra during her childhood. Stefano robbed me of that. He robbed me of so much. Who I was...my soul...so much. It wasn't until I found Alexandra again and we reunited that I felt like my true self again. I felt love...love was back in my life and the greatest joy of my life was you and Alexandra allowing me to be a part of your family.

Abe: Well, you are a part of it. Your Lexie's mother and Theo's grandma. We need you. You were a victim in a long line of victims of the Dimera's. That is why they need to be stopped and that is why we are going on this trip and doing all this.

Celeste: That's right. I want to stop the Dimera reign before it claims more victims. I will not allow my Alexandra or my Theodore to get swallowed up by the mystique and influence of the Dimera's. I will not lose them. I lost so much time and so much of life because of the Dimera's. I will not lose anymore to them and I will not lose my daughter...not after getting her back so late in life. I can't lose her or Theodore. I may lose myself if that happens. They are...their love...is what keeps me going.

Abe takes Celeste's hand and says they will do all they can and they won't allow Lexie and Theo to get sucked into the Dimera's web any further. Celeste thanks him for everything and his support. Abe thanks her too and says he is glad she is there. He doesn't know how he would've made it through the last few months and what is going on now without her. He is thrilled to have her with him on this mission. Celeste smiles as Abe smiles back.

-Back at the cabin near Green Mountain, Katherine asks Cal what he had the dream about. he is silent. Katherine says it was about his past. She knows it was. She asks if he remembered something. He gets out of bed and she calls him back.

Katherine: You can't keep running from it. Acting like it doesn't exist won't help.

Cal: I don't know what you are...

Katherine: Yes, you do. I shouldn't have let you keep ignoring it or trying to push it away. I should've keep pushing but we have been getting so close and...Cal, I don't want you to give up trying to remember or learn about your past. I don't want you to act like there is no hidden past from you. You are using us...what is between us as a means of escaping your past and that can't happen. I won't let it. If you want to be with me because you want to and because you love me, fine. But if this relationship...if this thing going on between us is more an escape for you or a distraction rather then about love and you having actual feelings for me then...I don't want to be with you.

Cal is silent and looks at Katherine before putting a shirt and pants on and walking out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him as a frustrated Katherine lays back down and puts her hands over her eyes angrily.

-Back at the Kiriakis Mansion,

Philip orders Henderson again to get Kate out of there. They are both appalled. Philip tells Henderson to do it or he will see to it that he loses his job or faces a demotion. Henderson reluctantly obliges and takes Kate to the door.

Henderson (whispering): I am so sorry, Ms. Roberts. I didn't...

Kate: It's ok, Henderson. I don't know who he is anymore.

Henderson: Neither do I. I thought he couldn't be any worse then he was while Mr. Kiriakis was presumed dead but he is. With Mr. Kiriakis being gone so much, the young Mr. Kiriakis takes advantage and throws his weight around at his behest.

Kate: I see. He is truly becoming his father...only he is on pace to be worse. I will have to talk to Victor.

Henderson: Well, I am not sure when you will be able to. Mr. Kiriakis is quite busy.

Kate: yes, I figured. He is helping with the clocked person case and is probably helping Maggie.

Henderson: Yes and Mrs. Brady calling all the time doesn't help...opps. I shouldn't have mentioned that. Me and my...

Kate: Mrs. Brady...Caroline?

Henderson: No. I meant to say Ms. Walker since she recently married...ugh. Did it again.

Kate: It's ok, Henderson. You had a tendency to slip at times. I know you all to well. So, why is Nicole on Victor's back. How long has that been going on?

Henderson: I shouldn't say anymore.

Kate: Oh, come on Henderson. You said enough. For old times sake...I mean, you are throwing me out.

Henderson: Since around the time Mr. Kiriakis returned to Salem. Not that long. I must go before the young Mr. Kiriakis sees me talk...

Kate: I understand. Thanks Henderson. Good night.

Henderson: Good night.

Kate wonders what Nicole is pestering Victor about but realizes it's no matter to her. She realizes she has now lost both Lucas and Philip and blames herself. With tears streaming down her face, she wonders what she is going to do now.

-Back at Salem Place, Victor is looking into Greta's eyes and then looks down and then back up. He reluctantly agrees to pull some strings and arrange for them to see the tapes on one condition...they must report all their findings to him. Greta and Frankie agree and thank Victor. Victor tells them to not let him regret this and to share that sentiment with Jack and Billie. He wishes them both a good evening and tells them he will be in touch. Greta and Frankie thank Victor again.

After Victor leaves, Frankie asks Greta what she did. Greta doesn't understand. Frankie says that Victor didn't seem to be caving but when she and Victor looked at each other straight in the eyes, something changed. It almost convinced him to help them. It's like they had a connection. Greta shrugs her shoulders and says she has no idea but it worked and that is all that matters.

Frankie says he will go get the car and leaves. While alone, Greta says:

Greta: We do have a connection, Frankie. Victor is my father. Somehow he felt it, just like when he agreed to help Eric a few months ago. Just like I did. The connection worked to our advantage though. Oh how I wish I could tell him...tell everyone but...I can't. I just can't. (a tear streams down her face)

-Back at Steve and Kayla's suite, Steve hides in a closet as Kayla searches the suite for him. She comes close to finding him as she is about to look in the closet but is interupted by a noise from outside. She goes to check it out and finds out it was nothing but a dinner cart falling over in the hallway.

While Kayla is outside the suite, Steve sneaks into the main room and hides in a closet in there. Kayla comes back insider and goes back to search the bedroom. As she does, Steve emerges and quietly opens the door and leaves the suite, quietly closing the door behind him. Kayla hears something and returns to the main room, asking Steve if he is there and then asks herself where is he. Meanwhile, Steve walks away from the suite and then turns back, saying:

Steve: I'm sorry, Kayla. I have to do this for all of us. For our family. For you. I have no choice. I'm sorry.

Steve then turns away from the suite and walks down the hall as the screen fades out.

On the Next Salem Lives...

Kayla to Roman (with Caroline, Kim, and Shane): Steve is gone and I have no idea where he is.

Lucas to Alice: I am here for you. I am here for the family.

Eric to Sami: Nicole and I...we're over.

Nicole to Austin: Eric and I are through...and I just don't even care.

Carrie: It's time I tell the truth.


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Phillip is an !@#$%^&*]. How dare he speak to his mother that way! He did make some valid points though. If it wasn't for Sami, she wouldn't give a damn about Austin or Lucas.

Great episode guys :)

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Great episode. Philip is becoming an jerk.Loved the conversation between Kate and Henderson by the way. I would really like to see the actors perform that scnes

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Phillip is such an ass. I love that Belle has the power over him now. Poor Kate though, she could suffer by her son's choice.

Liking the Steve twist....Great episode

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