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March 26, 2007




-At Eric and Nicole's suite, Eric demands answers from Nicole.

Eric: Well, why are you listed on these adoption papers as the only parent?

Nicole: Calm down. You will wake...


Nicole: You are on the forms. You just aren't a legal guardian.

Eric: Why? I'm your husband. This is our family. We were supposed to do this together.

Nicole: Look, I just thought it would look better. I am more financially stabile and I have the better job so...

Eric: It always comes back to that. That's bull, Nicole. You know that. God, you think that little of me? Why did we even get married in the first place?

Nicole: What are you talking about?

Eric: When we first returned to Salem, you weren't happy here. You constantly asked when we were going back to LA so you could return to your life and your career. Then, we get married and finally...finally we are happy. I get a job that I love and you act like nothing is wrong but everytime I look into your eyes I see such bitterness and jealousy. You just couldn't accept that I was doing better then you at that moment.

Nicole: Wait a sec...

Eric: No!! Let me finish. I take you away to Green Mountain and we find this baby. I promise you that I will do what I can but that isn't good enough. The minute we return home you go running to Victor and heaven knows what you did for him to get what you want since the guy hates you. So, he waves his magic wand and you get this great job at Titan and the baby you want. All the red tape is gone. Screw all the other people who had interest in this child. Screw the law. Screw fate. Right, Nicole. I am your husband. Me!!! I am the man who is supposed to do these things for you. It was my job to handle it. All this going behind my back...you haven't changed at all. My illness and everything...it blinded me. I can see it in your eyes. You don't give a damn about who you hurt...

Nicole: Are you done?

Eric: You married me because I was dying? Right? Made you look good, didn't it? Made you look noble. Made all of Salem think you had turned over a new leaf. You had everyone fooled. I knew it was too easy. Hell. maybe it was too fast. I was dying and I loved you...well, say something!

Nicole: No. You will just twist it or...you know what, your not even worth it.

Eric: Apparently, I'm worth nothing to you. All the dreams we had...the plans, our lives together. It was all just some wishful thinking. You will never change. It's always got to be about you looking good. You having the glory and prestige. You being more successful. What you want...that is all that matters and, whoever doesn't go along with it, you leave in the dust. That is what is happening to me here. I wasn't good enough and you are leaving me behind in the dust. I was never good enough, was I?

Nicole: Eric...

Eric: Whatever happened to the Nicole that I saw when we first met at the Java Cafe? The one that had such a hard childhood and was treated so horribly by her father and...

Nicole: Don't you get it? That is why I do what I do. I want better. I always have wanted better. I want the perfect life I always dreamed of. The perfect husband, family, children...you know what I want. I have told you so many...

Eric: Yeah and I thought I was your perfect husband. I thought that was all about what we were going to be. I guess not. I guess I didn't make the cut. Never did...we have never been able to get it right. The third time wasn't the charm, although we did actually get married this time.

Nicole: So, what, it's over for us?

Eric turns away, silent. Nicole looks at him with disgust and frustration and then races into the bedroom in an angry manner, slamming the door behind her.

-At the Kiriakis Mansion, Belle stands near Kate. Kate is still appalled and shocked over witnessing Philip hitting Belle. Henderson races in and asks if everything is alright, citing that he heard the yelling and sound of someone falling to the ground. Philip tells Henderson everything is fine and that he isn't needed.

Belle is about to call back to Henderson but Philip's menacing look convinces her otherwise. Henderson leaves and then the heated discussion between the three commences:

Belle: You know I didn't say anything to Henderson because I want to negotiate terms with you first. If you refuse my demands, then I will spread the word like wildfire. Philip Kiriakis...wifebeater!! It will be a PR nightmate for your family and you. You will be finished and Victor won't be happy. He will strip you of so much of the little power you do have. You will lose your honorable reputation as a war hero...you will lose alot Philip. You have already lost alot. You can prevent all that by...

Philip: By what? I mean, what is this, a peace treaty. This is ludicrous.

Kate: No, it's not. You are not in a position to make demands right now. You screwed up and now you have to deal with it.

Philip: Oh, come on, mom. Belle has nothing. No proof...

Belle: Oh, but I do. Right...Kate.

Kate: What?

Belle: Here is the deal, Kate. Philip. Philip, you will have your lawyers draw up an agreement where I get full custody of Claire. You will get fair and adequate visitation as her father. The visits will be supervised. You may not take her out of Salem or the country. This deal is non-negotiable and, the way I see it, it's better then nothing. You will still see your child, Philip.

Philip: Yeah but...it's my daughter. I shouldn't have to be supervised or...

Belle: Non-negotiable. Have your lawyers draw up the papers and have them signed in in 24 hours or...I go to the police and media and tell them you hit me. And Kate, that is where you come in. Should your son not agree to my offer...you will either side with me against Philip or never see your granddaughter again. You will act as my witness or, like I said, never see Claire again.

Kate: Belle, that's not...

Belle: Fair? Don't talk to me about fair. No more will I be a doormat to you, Philip, or anyone else. I am going to do what it takes to protect my daughter. If you don't like this, remember, you made this bed. Now you have to lie in it. Thing carefully, both of you. 24 hours. Have a nice day.

Belle then walks out of the mansion, leaving a stunned Philip and Kate behind.

-Jack, Billie, Frankie, and Greta are hard at work doing research on the MCF case and James McCluer at The Spectator. They are trying to come up with a new plan of action. Finally, Frankie suggests somehow talking to Marlena as she was working with James and the MCF. Greta reminds him that Marlena is not seeing any visitors.

Jack says that never stopped them before. Billie thinks that going to Marlena is not a good idea right now. She then mentions how the MCF is hard to catch and track. She wonders if any of the surviellance cameras in public places all over Salem have captured any images of the MCF. Jack says that is a good idea but asks how they will get there hands on all those old tapes. None of them have the authority or the power to obtain those materials. Greta says she knows someone who can help.

Meanwhile, outside The Spectator, James watches Jack and Billie and vows to make them pay. He says he will just have to deal with them on his own before they cause more problems but will need a little help. He places a phone call via cell phone to someone and tells them to meet him at the Olive Rd. warehouse district ASAP. James hangs up and says:

James: Your time is almost up.

-On the pier, Steve asks the MCF what the meaning of all this is.

MCF (via voice changer): I can give you what you most desire.

Steve: What is that?

MCF: Your past. The truth. I can give you your memories back. I can give you your life back.

Steve: How?

MCF: Because I know all about your past and your condition, Steven.

Steve: It was you!! Your the one who broke into the motel room in Chicago. I remember now...you stuck a syringe in my leg and that is when I forgot everything I had rememebered.

MCF: Very good. Yes, Steven. That is right.

Steve: Why? How?

MCF: I have my sources. That is how I know all. To prove that my offer is legit, I will tell you all about your little memory lapses of late. You see, the syringe I injected you with contains a drug...one that targets the area of the brain that controls memory. It compresses it...so much so that any sort of traumatic and high level activity, such as remembering important memories of the past like you were, would be all but erased because of the drug and it's affects. It causes no permanent damage unless an extreme dose is given, in which case your memory is completely eradicated. At the scene of the Chez Rouge fire, I switched the EMT's syringe with one containing this drug. I knew you had a breakthrough during the injury you sustained in the fire so I took action.

Steve: Why do you want to stop the progress I make?

MCF: Because I needed you in the position you are in so you would agree to my offer and help me. I should also tell you, Steven, that the syringes symbolize the torture you endured after Lawrence faked your death and sold you into Dimera captivity. Mr. Dimera's men...they injected you with many drugs and used various means of torture and brainwashing. Syringes were used so often that the mere sight of one, given the vulnerable state of your mind during that time in your past, reminds you of those horrifying memories and images. That causes your convlusions and violent reactions to memories, along with the drug.

Steve: How do you know so much? About my past? My faked death? How...

MCF: That is my business. I have told you enough. Here is the deal. I need you to go to Europe for me. Lexie Carver and her Dimera task force are going there on some business that is a threat to me so I need you to follow them and report what happens with them to me. That is it. No questions asked. If you don't do this, I will make sure your memory is completely wiped out. Your family and friends will suffer and you will continue to live a life of empitiness. You have a daughter and wife. If you love them, you will agree to my terms. Do you understand?

Steve: Look, I don't want to hurt anyone. If you plan on sending me too kill Lexie...

MCF: No one is going to die. Just go pack your things. (Hands Steve pile of cash and an envelope) That should cover everything. In that envelope, you will find plane tickets and everything else you will need to complete this mission. Just go and follow her and her men. Don;t be seen. Call the phone number in the envelope and keep all of this quiet. Do all that and all will be well and your reward will be great. Understood?

Steve contemplates the MCF's offer and realizes he has no choice. He needs to agree for his family's sake and for his.

-Back at the Kiriakis Mansion, Philip lashes out at Kate.

Philip: What am I going to do?

Kate: Don't look at me. You screwed up. I know I am not the best mother but I would think if you learned one thing from me it was to never hit a woman. God knows...based on my life experience, I did my best to instill that in you.

Philip: I lost my cool. It was a mistake.

Kate: Yes, a mistake that may cost you your daughter and maybe more.

Philip: Maybe not. Not if I have my way.

Kate: What are you up to?

A confused Kate looks at Philip, wondering what he is thinking.

-Back at Eric and Nicole's suite, Nicole comes out of her room, carrying the baby who is all dressed to go out. Nicole has a suitcase packed. Eric asks her where she is going. Nicole is silent.

Eric: Is that how it's going to be? You wanted this, didn't you? That is why you didn't put my name on the adoption papers? You wanted to destroy us and make it look like I quit.

Nicole: Whatever, Eric. I don't care what you think or say. You already made up your own mind. I am taking my baby and getting the hell out of here.

Eric: Always about you. There is just one thing I want you to remember. Keep in mind...I was the one that always made the sacrifices. I was going to go back to LA with you so you could stay at Highstyle. When I was on my deathbed, I went out of my way to make sure you chose your life and career over me so you didn't have to stay behind with me. I gave my share but where was yours?

Nicole is silent.

Eric: Exactly.

Nicole: Goodnight Eric. I hope your assumptions of me keep you warm at night.

Nicole thens walks by Eric with the baby and out the door, slamming it behind her as a angry Eric knocks all the glasses and bottles off the top of the wet bar in a fit of rage. Meanwhile, outside the suite, Nicole holds the baby near the elevator and says:

Nicole: We don't need him. We don't need anyone. I still have everything I wanted. Well, not everything but I have you, a great job...it will be fine. We will be fine. I will see to it.

-Back at The Spectator, Greta mentions that Victor may be able to help them. Frankie, Billie, and Jack doubt it but Greta says that she can go over and ask him. He and Stefano are helping Roman and the SPD on this MCF thing afterall. Jack says it's worth a try and that Greta is best to do it since Victor never really liked him. Frankie offers to go with Greta and she agrees. Jack and Billie wish them luck.

Meanwhile, in the Olive Rd. warehouse district, James meets with the person he phoned...IT'S ALAN!! Alan asks what is going on. James sarcastically mentions how Alan hasn't done anything lately. Alan insists he is lying low for awhile, with good reason. James reminds him he is always on call and says he needs his help. Alan asks with what.

James: Two pests need exterminating. Jack Deveraux and Billie Reed. They are the major reasons why my family was brutally murdered and now they are dugging too deep into my business and our boss's. I am taking it upon myself to handle this. I know we should tell the boss but these two cost me my family. It's personal and I want to handle it personally. I just need your help...in laying a trap.

-Back on the pier, the MCF asks Steve if they have a deal. Steve reluctantly agrees, saying he really doesn't have a choice.

Steve: I have heard how serious you are, cloaked one. Dangerous...resourceful. I can't put my family at risk and...if this ends up getting me my life back and...

MCF: Wise decision, Steven. Now, take what I gave you and go. This meeting must end before we are spotted. Remember, not a word to anyone.

Steve: Yeah. Got it.

Steve leaves as the MCF watches him leave and begins to laugh, saying:

MCF: Good. With good old Mr Johnson on board, the plan can progress. Right on schedule.

The MCF laughs as the screen fades out.

On the Next Salem Lives...

Kayla to Steve (who is hiding in a closet): Where are you?

Philip to Kate: You are either with me or against me and, by the looks of it, it looks like I no longer have a mother.

Greta (with Frankie) to Victor: Will you help us? Please...

Abe to Celeste: I am glad we're together.

Katherine to Cal: I am not your escape. You either be with me because you love me or I don't want to be with you at all.


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Love the Nicole and Eric drama. How soon will Eric be rushing to Carrie and asking about that baby? It rocks. I love that Nicole assumes she has the best job and is more secure. She was a porn star!

I hope Phillip gets his just desserts for what he did. He deserves it and then some.

Love that Steve is going to be in the MCF plan. I still have my ideas on who it is!

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That was a GREAT episode. So interesting. I love Nicole but she is a being a real !@#$%^&*] right now. I hope she gets cut down to size.

ETA: Philip needs a serious A$$ kicking too :)

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