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Episode 49




Lucinda asks Meg to come over to the house. Before Meg gets there, Lily asks her mom to reconsider giving Meg a job. She knows all the good Meg has done, but she also knows all the bad and all the lives she's hurt in the past..and recently. Not knowing that Meg is listening through the door, Lily tells Lucinda that hiring Meg at Worldwide would be the biggest mistake ever. When Meg enters and Lucinda asks if she's thought about the job, Meg says yes and is delighted to see Lily a little aggravated.

Jennifer runs into Will and Gwen at Memorial. Will asks about Hal's condition and tells Jennifer about Paul, but Jennifer refuses to see a brother who kept her away from her own child. Will urges her to release all of her hatred or it will turn her bitter...just like their mother.

Henry runs by Tom and Margo's and finds Maddie. Maddie ignores him until he tells Maddie that he had the house long before she asked their parents for the money. He just didn't have the money, but the guy selling the house kept it for him until he was able to buy it. Maddie is touched, but wonders what they're going to do with the house she bought.

The knock at Barbara's door turns out to be Lisa. Lisa can tell that Barbara's nervous about something and asks what's troubling her. Barbara finally comes clean and tells Lisa of her latest predicament and mentions that maybe Hal can help keep Paul out of prison. Lisa is shocked that Barbara hasn't heard about Hal and fills her in on Hal's health troubles. She immediately wants to dash off to check up on Hal, but Lisa advises her to lay low and take care of the Paul situation before anything.

Jack and Dallas learn from Panzico that he did a little investiagtive work on them and reveals an officer that left the force long ago due to him being active in a drug smuggling scam as hs source. Jack is outraged and lunges for the officer, but Panzico pulls a knife on him and holds him hostage. Panzico tells Dallas to call of all back-up and leave the ring alone...or his cop friend will pay with his life. Holden emerges out of nowhere from picking up some take-out for the kids and spots what's going on. With Holden as a diversion, Dallas lunges for Panzico, as Jack screams out "Nooooo!"


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