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Episode 48




Susan tells Andy and Emily that Hal has been stabilized for the moment, but to be careful when they go in and see him because the least little thing may upset him. Andy encourages Emily to go on without him and she does. While Emily is in with Hal, Jennifer comes in and asks her cousin how he found out. Once he tells her that he's there with Emily, Jennifer goes crazy, demanding to know why a tramp like Emily Stewart is the first one that gets to see her father. Susan tries calming her down and explaining that they had been truing Jennifer for hours and Emily did in fact used to be Hal's wife...but it's no use. Jennifer demands for Susan to send Emily away so she can have some time alone with her father.

Dusty finds Meg coming out of Al's Diner and asks her about Lucinda. She tells him that Lucinda has improved alot since entering remission. Dusty, curious where Meg is headed in life, makes the comment that Lucinda probably won't need a nurse now. Meg informs Dusty that she just in fact got a call from Sierra and Lucinda, offering her a permanent position at WorldWide. Dusty encourages Meg to take the offer and Meg agrees. However, once Dusty is alone, Meg comes clean to herself and says she can't take the job, because that would mean more time with Dusty and more feelings being shot down.

Barbara manages to sneak into the Lakeview. She camoflauges herself in a big mink coat, sunglasses, and a wig. Once inside her suite, she changes out of her bloody clothes and begins to leave, determined on finding Paul and unaware that Paul has turned himself in for his father's shooting. Barbara stops dead in her tracks, however, when she hears a kock at the door.

Jack and Dallas arrive at the loading dock, wired, loaded, and ready for action. They wait forever for the shipment to arrive, with a few officers undercover as regular Oakdale citizens for back-up. Just when they're about to give up, the truck arrives. They're shocked, however, when the driver opens the hatch and reveals Panzico and a slew of his goons. He tells a surprsied Jack and Dallas that the shipment has been delayed...indefinitely.


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