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Episode 47




Lisa gives Roxie her first assignment: to call every guest in the Lakeview and see what they like/dislike about the hotel. Roxie laughs at Lisa's assignment and tells Lisa that she sees no reason to do such a thing. Lisa insists that it helps her figure out what needs improvement. Paul arrives at the Oakdale Police Department and turn himself in to Margo. She not only charges him with escaping from a federal penetentiary, but attempted murder. Back at the cabin, Barbara becomes worried about Paul, but when she tries to call his cell, it goes straight to voice mail. Knowing something must be terribly wrong, she heads out. Jennifer apologizes to Nick for kissing him like that and Nick seems to understand, telling Jennifer that if he had been through what she's been through, his emotions would be a rollercoaster, too. Meg calls Dusty over to her room at the Wagon Wheel and explains to him that she has lately been troubled with her feelings for him. Dusty admits that he feels some chemistry re-surfacing as well. Dusty dismisses those feelings and tells Meg that they can never be what they once were and they must remain friends no matter what. Meg is crushed. Jack and Dallas realize that they are going on a very dangerous mission and will need back-up. They call it in, but a fellow officer tells them that everyone is out working a wreck on Luthers Corners Church Road. Jack and Dallas make the decision to move along and get ready to bust Panzico's ring.


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