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Episode 46




Lily and Holden get ready to renew their vows. They gather Luke, Meg, Sierra, Lucinda, and the girls and head to Luther's Corners Church. In a very moving ceremony that features plenty of Holden/Lily flashbacks, Lily and Holden re-establish their love for each other and renew their commitment to their wedding vows. Across town, Jennifer apologizes to Nick for kissing him like that. He assures her that he thought nothing of it and knows she is extremely hurt by her boyfriend's recent actions. Jennifer apologizes again and leaves. Maddie surprises Henry when she blindfolds him and takes him to their new home. He thanks Maddie for the wonderful gesture, but tells a shocked Maddie that he's already bought them a house. Roxie begins her first day as Lisa's personal assistant. Lisa immediately recognizes something familiar about her, but Roxie assures Lisa that she's never met her before. Curtis calls Jessica and tells her to come home quick. Fearing the worst, Jessica rushes home to find Ben packing his things. Ben argues with Jessica that he's tried of playing second fiddle to her career and is moving out. Jessica tearfully begs Ben to stay and asks Ben where he plans on going. Ben tells Jessica and Curtis that he is mvoing in with The Children Of Promise.

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Yeah for a Lisa story. Like the Curtis-Ben -Jessica stuff. Glad you had Sierra at Lily and Holden's wedding. It would have been good if she was at the televised one.

Another good one!

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