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Episode # 54 - Thursday, February 23:



Episode # 54 - Thursday, February 23:

- Cassie takes Max to a dance club where they continue to drink and get to know each other better.

- John grabs Paige and tries to get her to speak about who she is and how she knows Stefano.

- Victor relishes in his victory over Basic Black when Anna signs with Titan and gives them free reign over her design distribution.

- Laura once again fails at trying to get Roman to withdraw his confession to Tony's murder.

- Austin can't get over Carrie's betrayal. Carrie slaps Sami once again for her lies. Austin tells her to lay off Sami since Victor has confirmed Sami's story.

- Paige fights off John and runs away from him.

- Laura leaves Roman alone....in time for ANNA to stop. Roman cannot believe his eyes.

- Cassie and Max share a sexy and sultry dance on the dance floor as they continue to get more and more drunk.

- Marlena senses that John might be near.

- John begins to chase Paige throughout the mansion.

- Roman tells Anna that he can't believe she's back. Anna tells him that she can't believe he's in prison...especially based on a lie. She tells him that she knows he would never have killed Tony...no matter what.

- After they turn heads on the dance floor, a drunk Max tells an equally intoxiated Cassie how unbelievably sexy he finds her. They share a scorching, red-hot kiss.

- John demands that Paige tell him if Stefano is alive or not and what her connection to him is!

- Stefano bandies about on the estate barely missing John and Paige.

- Austin rakes Carrie over the coals and tells her that he can't believe that she resorted to blackmail to get Nicole out of his life.

- Anna and Roman's connection is sparked once again as they recall their love and their daughter, Carrie. Anna explains why she has come to Salem. He is proud of her and how successful she's become.

- Cassie and Max end up at the Salem Inn....they kiss as they fall into bed together. Max stops saying that he's in love with someone else, and he is just drowning his feelings in liquor and having fun tonight. Cassie tells him that it's fine and that she understands. Cassie pulls Max into a sultry sex session.

- Marlena manages to shimmy the lock and break free from her cage.

- John and Stefano comes face to face. John screams..."ALEX!?!?"

- Austin tells Carrie that he wants her out of his life. He can't believe she would resort to lies and blackmail like Sami did all of those years ago. He can't believe she'd stoop to a level of someone who put them through so much hell. Austin and Sami leave Carrie alone outside Chez Rouge as she screams for Austin to come back. She falls to the ground with tears in her eyes.

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Awsome episode. I cou;d really see Christie Clark doing these scenes. She would rock!! And Sami is soo00oo goin' down once everyone learns the truth.

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