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Episode # 55 - Friday, February 24:



Episode # 55 - Friday, February 24:

- Lexie demands to know what she has walked in on between Celeste and TEK.

- Marlena escapes from her cell.

- John says that he knew "Alex" was dangerous but he had no idea that Alex had a connection to Stefano! John demands Alex tell him how he knows Stefano! They struggle.

- Cassie and Max wake up next together. They're hung over. Slowly, they both begin to re-call the evening.

- TEK and Celeste keep their secret...but Lexie pushes. Abe arrives. Lexie quickly puts it together that Abe knows that is going on between TEK and Celeste!

- Paige locks herself in her room at the estate.

- Marlena manages to escape to the second floor.

- Max tells Cassie that he is just getting out of an emotional attachment and that he'd rather not jump into anything just yet. She understands and says she'll see him around.

- John and Alex/Stefano continue to struggle.

- TEK lies to Lexie, and she buys it hook, line, and sinker. Celeste is disgusted at how easily manipulated Lexie can be at the hands of TEK. She can't take it anymore. She rationalizes (in her mind) that she knew if she couldn't blackmail TEK into leaving town that this was what was going to happen....she tells Lexie that she and TEK slept together! Lexie is horrified.

- Alex/Stefano gets the upperhand on John and pulls a gun on him.

- Marlena knocks Alex/Stefano unconscious and saves John.

- Lexie screams at her mother saying that she can't believe that she slept with a man half her age! Celeste explains that they both drank too much and that he initiated it and that it was one big mistake! Lexie's jealousy shines through. Abe turns the tables onto Lexie and asks her why she's reacting this way, citing TEK as her friend and saying her mother can do anything she wants. Lexie is shocked when she realized she may have just blown her future with Abe.

- Caroline tells Max that she wants him to meet her grand-daughter since she has moved back to town recently, doesn't know anyone, and needs a good role model in her life. She explains that she is Roman's long-lost daughter. Max agrees to spend some time with his foster-niece. But he is beyond shocked when Caroline introduces him to CASSIE! Cassie and Max are shocked to learn that they are related (or so the Brady's think!)

- John and Marlena re-unite! She explains that she remembered how much she loved him months ago right after she left Salem. They share a passionate kiss.


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Haha. Well, it was revealed she is actually working for Stefano and is actually infiltrating the Brady's. But Rex thinks he is a Brady/Roberts. But they're both really Tony and Marlena's. BWaha!

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