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Episode #56 - Monday, February 27:



Episode #56 - Monday, February 27:

- Max and Cassie are shocked when they realize they are related.

- John and Marlena continue their reunion.

- Austin refuses to see Carrie. Carrie is devastated.

- Lexie tries to cover with Abe, saying that she just feels betrayed that her mother slept with her friend. Abe pretends to buys it, but secretly, he realizes now more than ever that Lexie had an indescretion in their marriage.

- Sami relishes in her victory over Carrie!

- Max and Cassie try to get past the awkwardness of having slept together.

- Marlena explains to John that Alex is Stefano! She tells him about the mysterious girl whom she tricked into calling him.

- Once alone with TEK and Celeste, Lexie lashes out at both of them saying she can't believe that they'd betray her like this! Celeste apologizes profusely, but Lexie tells her that she wants her out of her life - and Theo's! Lexie also tells TEK to stay out of her life, as well.

- Jack and Abe tell Roman that Bo, Hope, and Billie have ALL been cleared of Tony's murder. They tell him that they know he has falsely confessed to save his family.

- Cassie lets Max know how attracted she is to him. He says they can't because she's his foster-niece. She says that she assumes that he's the same Max Brady who used to date Bo's daughter - his other foster-niece, Georgia/Chelsea! Max just re-iterates that he can't get into anything now.

- Stefano awakens and knocks John unconscious, shattering their reunion.

- Lucas is angered and hurt when he realizes that Sami has come between Austin and Carrie once again, but this time, it is like never before. Lucas fears that Sami may have won Austin this time.....for good.

- Jack and Abe tell Roman that he needs to stop this. They remind him that he's obstructing justice. He says that Shawn or his mother could still be the killer and that he wants to protect them. Abe has a heart to heart with Roman and with Anna's help...they finally convince him to withdraw his confession!

- Cassie tempts Max and almost lures him into a sintilating kiss in the middle of the Pub in front of everyone. Cassie excuses herself and goes to the bathroom. A few seconds later, Max enters the girls bathroom and they begin to kiss passionately and begin to have sex in the bathroom of the Brady Pub! Meanwhile, fresh from the hospital, Abby enters the pub with Jennifer and asks Caroline where Max is. She says she saw Max head to the back near the bathrooms. Abby goes to find him.

- A devastated Carrie answers the door to her apartment to find....her mother, Anna! Anna and Carrie have a wonderful reunion as Anna returns when Carrie needs her the most.

- Stefano has his henchmen lock John up in a basement cell and has him shackled to the wall. He has Marlena placed back in her cell. Stefano rejoices as he realizes that he is so close to finally breaking up John and Marlena for good!

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Awesome stuff!

Abby/Max/Cassie is hot. I wa son my toes just waitign for Abby to walk in and catch them.

Love the Stefano stuff and, wow, everything. Everything seems to be working together, love it.

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