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Episode #57 - Tuesday, February 28th:



Episode #57 - Tuesday, February 28th:

- Jack and Abe separate and each individually question all of the nurses who were on staff that night.

- Marlena is devastated when Stefano tells her that John is now his prisoner, as well.

- Carrie explains everything to Anna and finds comfort in her mother.

- Bo begins to hunt down Hope. Billie worries about how to get him to stay in Salem and not chase her.

- Abby can't find Max so she walks into the girl's bathroom. Max hides in one of the stalls.

- Max makes it out of the girl's bathroom without Abby seeing him.

- Kate officially accepts Victor's job offer at Titan.

- Jack grills the nurses during questioning. Abe doubts Jack's motives.

- Roman is finally released from prison and has many kind words and thanks for Laura.

- Kate, Victor, and Lucas meet when Victor's contact tells him that John has taken a leave of absence and left Austin and Sami in charge of Basic Black. Victor tells them the time is now if they want to take over Basic Black. Lucas says that Austin and Sami are headed on the path to get back together. Kate says that neither of her sons can get back together with Sami!

- Abby and Max run into each other at the Pub. She asks him why he is so distant lately. He says that he was falling for her, but he just can't go there right now.

- Lucas, Kate, and Victor agree to disagree about Lucas/Sami, but agree that Austin/Carrie need to re-unite...even if Lucas and Kate have their own reasons for it. Lucas taps into his manipulative side. He and Kate come up with a plan to send Austin to find Nicole and ask Nicole herself what happened and who was responsible for her leaving town. That way, he will probably uncover Sami as a liar, dump her, and re-unite with Carrie all the while leaving Basic Back defenseless AND leaving Sami for Lucas! But secretly, Kate says that Lucas can never re-unite with Sami.

- Roman joins Anna and Carrie, and they bond. Carrie says that she can't remember when her parents were in the same room together. The moment is ruined, however, when Sami arrives to see her father. Anna lashes out at Sami saying that Sami has ruined her daughter's life more than enough times already.

- One of the nurses tells Jack and Abe that she did not want to be get involved with the case because she didn't want to get involved with the Dimeras, but she tells them that Tony muttered..."She did it." before he died. Jack and Abe are shocked and realize that they have now narrowed down their suspect list to Caroline, Kate, Abby, Bonnie, and Mimi.

- Carrie slaps Sami for her betrayal. Roman demands that Sami leave while he and Anna deals with Carrie. Anna follows Sami outside into the hall. Anna warns Sami that she hasn't been around for the last 10 years so she understands why Sami feels like she could get away with this type of behavior, but Anna warns Sami that now that she is back that she will make sure that Sami pays for all of her deeds that she has done to Carrie over the years and then some. Anna warns Sami that she will be sorry. Sami brushes Anna off, but when she is alone, Sami is clearly shaken by and terrified of Anna!

- Billie contemplates telling Bo that Chelsea was not Georgia in order to get him to stay in town.

- Hope's Parisian Private Investigator tells her that he is close to finding the man she is looking for.

- Meanwhile, a rich, sophisticated man in his late 40's walks about his mansion. His name is LIAM ALCANTAR. He picks up a picture of himself and a woman who looks like Hope. He kisses the picture and tells Gina that he loves and misses her.

- A heartbroken Abby storms out of the Pub after Max's confession. Cassie sees that Max has feelings for her. Cassie makes sure that no Brady's can see and pulls Max into a kiss - making sure that Abby has a clear view from outside.

- Stefano tells Marlena his ultimate plan of how Tek, Cassie, and Jack are all working for him in Salem right now and how he will finally have the Brady's exactly where he wants them come springtime.

- Jack insists that it can't be Abby, but Abe says that he is not so sure. Jack begins to wonder why Stefano would have him assigned to find out who Tony's killer is, but then it strikes Jack that Stefano would probably take extreme pleasure in Jack busting his own daughter for murder! Jack comes to the conclusion that Abby must have killed Tony.


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