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Episode #53 - Wednesday, February 22:



Episode #53 - Wednesday, February 22:

- Caroline counsels Max on his secret and tells him to be open and honest with himself and his loved ones.

- Abe and Jack team up to try and figure out who murdered Tony.

- Carrie is outraged and tells Jan that she's lying. Austin demands to know what's going on.

- Hope hires a P.I. to help her figure out who she was in social circles with when she was Princess Gina from 1990 - 1995.

- Max heads to the Cheatin' Heart and knocks back some drinks. Cassie sits herself next to him and "recognizes" him from the hospital.

- Victor explains to Anna that Basic Black is a sinking ship. He says that Three execs, including its CEO and president, John Black, have upped and either left the company or left town recently.

- Carrie explains to Austin that Victor told both her AND Sami that Jan had dirt on Nicole so they both tracked Nicole down. She tells Austin that she did this out of love and that she wanted Austin to see how Nicole really is. She says that Sami tookover the situation once they got back and she railroaded Nicole out of town - something Carrie never agreed to. Carrie swears that she just wanted to expose Nicole in Austin's eyes...NOT blackmail her. Carrie explains that she's wanted to confess what Sami did and her part in it from the second she did it.

- Stefano leaves Salem once again and heads back to Maine.

- Victor puts the final nail in the coffin when he explains to Anna that the only two execs left at Basic Black are Austin Reed and Sami Brady. Anna scowls at the name "Sami Brady."

- Jack is horrified to learn that his daughter is on the suspect list of Tony's murder!

- Sami and Jan deny Carrie's story and make her look like a liar. Austin can't believe this.

- John arrives at the estate in Maine and begins looking for the girl.

- Cassie is pleased to hear that Max has recently been emotionally involved with a woman, but he has ended it.

- Carrie slaps Sami. She tells Sami that she can't believe that Sami is up to her old tricks. Carrie tells Austin that Sami and Jan must be in cahoots.

- Laura continues to try and get Roman to confess that he is innocent.

- Cassie and Max share a dance that plays on the Cheatin' Heart jukebox.

- Jack and Abe narrow down the list to Shawn, Mimi, Bonnie, John, Roman, Caroline, Kate, Max, and Abby. Abe speculates that perhaps Abby tried to kill Tony...and Stefano found out....and had her shot. Abe says the assassin who attacked Abby was a pro. Jack tries to deflect attention off of Abby by saying that Mimi has up and left town. Abe puts out a warrant for Mimi's arrest despite Roman being incarcerated for confessing to the crime.

- John runs into Paige at the estate. He recognizes her voice as the voice on the phone.

- Stefano (as Alex) enters the estate.

- Recalling all of the terrible things Sami has done to her daughter (Carrie), Anna tells Victor that she wants C.A.B. Designs to sign with Titan Advertising. Victor then counters by saying that she will be happy with that decision....especially because Carrie is now working there!

- Cassie asks Max if she can take him somewhere more her speed. He agrees.

- Austin tells Sami that he believes Carrie over her. Sami tells Austin to ask Victor who talked to him about Nicole. Austin calls Victor and is horrified when Victor says that Carrie is the only one who talked with him about nailing Nicole, but that Sami very well could have been involved. Austin is outraged at Carrie and her role in this! Carrie tries to beg for forgiveness, but Austin tells her that he wants nothing to do with her!


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