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Episode #52 - Tuesday, February 21:



Episode #52 - Tuesday, February 21:

- At Chez Rouge, Austin demands that Carrie tell him what Jan means about how everything worked out with Nicole. Jan leaves them alone and sits at her own table. Sami spies everything.

- Abe tells Jen and Jack that he doesn't have any leads on Abby's shooter.

- Phillip and Belle are extremely hurt that Shawn would to these lengths to take Claire from them.

- Carrie panics. Austin gets a phone call and leaves the table. Carrie asks Jan what the hell she thought she was doing by pulling that with Austin.

- Jack gets closer to Abe and tells him that he wants to help him investigate who killed Tony. Abe refuses, but Jack persists.

- Sami recalls her and Jan's plane to frame Carrie for being the sole person behind blackmailing Nicole out of town!

- Abby confides in Alice, Laura, and Jennifer about her feelings for Max and how she is hurt that he has drastically changed his mind and feelings for her.

- Stefano tells Tek to up the ante on breaking up Abe and Lexie.

- John gets a trace on the call from the girl who was asking for Stefano.

- While Austin is outside on the phone, Sami tells him that she just ran into Jan Spears and that he won't believe what she told him!

- Shawn apologizes to Phillip and Belle, but he explains that he is just doing what he sees fit. Shawn and Mickey take Claire across the hall to Shawn's.

- Carrie joins Austin and Sami outside and Austin demands Carrie tell him what Sami is talking about...what is Jan referring to!

- Tek and Celeste get into a huge fight over her threatening him into leaving town. Lexie walks in and wonders what she walked in on.

- Even though Claire is so close in proximity, the fact that she is not there is devastating to Phillip and Belle. It causes a huge war between them and Phillip tells Belle to get out!

- John learns that the call came from a desolate estate in Northern Maine.

- Hope lands in Paris and heads to a Private Investigator's office.

- Max is secretly crushed when he has to explain to Abby once again that he just wants to be friends.

- Bo is shocked to learn from Maggie that Hope has dropped off Zach and JT and has fled Salem.

- John leaves Salem in search of the girl. Little does he know that he is traveling to the place where Marlena is being held prisoner.

- Belle enters her mother and father's penthouse and lays on the couch. She cries herself to sleep clutching a pillow.

- Max has a heart to heart with Caroline during which he explains that he has a terrible secret in his past that he is afraid has come back to haunt him.

- Phillip looks at a picture of himself, Belle, and Claire, and he throws it against the wall.

- Jan joins Austin, Carrie, and Sami outside. In accordance to Sami and Jan's plan, Jan tells Austin that she gave Carrie everything she needed to blackmail Nicole into leaving town! Carrie is horrified. Austin is baffled and outraged.


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