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Episode #51 - Monday, February 20:



Episode #51 - Monday, February 20:

- Jack tearfully says goodbye to Shawn Sr. and begs him and God for forgiveness. He pulls the plug on Shawn.

- Cassie remains intrigued by Max.

- Victor is surprised to see Anna Dimera waiting for him in his office.

- Phillip is devastated by the DNA results. Shawn is overjoyed.

- Hope screams in horror when she sees Bo and Billie kissing in the alleyway outside the Cheatin' Heart.

- Stefano enters Shawn Sr.'s room and quickly plugs Shawn's respirators back into the wall. Stefano explains that he has just heard about Roman's imprisonment and Bo and Hope's dissolving marriage. He explains to Jack that he wants the Brady's to suffer. But, he wants to save Shawn's death as a card that he wants to play when they have nothing else on the table.

- Belle reaches out to Phillip, but he pushes her away. She says she had no idea about any of this. She swears. Phillip believes her.

- Sami and Jan finalize their plan.

- Austin and Carrie recall their night of lovemaking.

- Stefano tells Jack that his newest assignment for him is going to put his reporter skills to good use. Stefano tells Jack to cash in on his relationship with Abe. He tells Jack to get close to Abe and team up with him to find out who really murdered Tony.

- Shawn tells Belle that he wants to take Claire home tonight, but she refuses.

- Abby awakens to a very happy Jennifer, Jack, and Laura.

- Shawn makes a mysterious phone call.

- Belle tells Phillip that she wants to be with him. She says that they can still be a family.

- Anna explains to Victor that C.A.B. Designs is her company that she started not long after she left Salem all of those years ago. She explains that C.A.B. stands for her daughter's initials - Caroline Ann Brady. Victor asks Anna if her daughter, Carrie, or Roman know that she's back in town. Anna says not yet.

- Bo tells Hope that he just drank too much and didn't know that he was kissing Billie. Hope slaps both Billie and Bo.

- Max tells Abby that he is glad she is OK. She says that she was going to tell him something before she was shot. Max tells her that her friendship means a lot and he doesn't want to jeopardize it. He recalls how he takes her shooting as a sign that they aren't meant to be together, but he doesn't tell her anything.

- Jennifer demands that Abe find out who shot Abby.

- Jan "happens" to show up at Chez Rouge and "happens" to run into Austin and Carrie.

- Belle and Phillip vow to make it through this. They tuck Claire into bed and watch her sleep soundly. Phillip is devastated, but Belle comforts him.

- Anna is troubled to hear that her ex-husband, Roman, has confessed to the murder of her other ex-husband - Tony!

- Cassie fantasizes about Max.

- Hope tells Bo that she will NEVER forgive him for this. Hope storms off. Hope drops Zach and J.T. off at Maggie's. Hope arrives at the airport and books a flight to Paris - vowing to once and for all discover all of the secrets of her past.

- As in agreement with Sami and Jan's plan, Jan asks Carrie in front of Austin how everything went with Nicole. Carrie is embarrassed and horrified. Austin is confused. Sami watches from afar and is thrilled.

- Shawn shows up at Belle and Phillip's with Mickey. Shawn confronts Belle and Phillip with papers saying that Shawn has been granted temporary custody of Claire!

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