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EPISODE #50 - Friday, February 17:



EPISODE #50 - Friday, February 17:

- Mimi cries to herself alone in the church.

- Abby continues to follow the light to the other side.

- The Horton women continue to pray for her.

- John awaits on the trace from the phone call.

- Belle, Shawn, and Phillip await Claire's paternity test results. Shawn and Belle continue to say that there's no way that they slept together. All three think it's peculiar that Shawn could be a match for Claire and Phillip isn't.

- Victor finds Mimi at the church. She tells him everything. He says that he knew that Claire was Shawn's. He says that he is sorry for his son, Phillip, but that he is happy for his grandson, Shawn.

- Max prays to God and says that he and Abby aren't meant to be together. He says that he knows that now. He says that if God can pull Abby through this, then they'll just be friends.

- Stefano learns that Roman has confessed to Tony's murder.

- Victor sees an opportunity to hurt Basic Black when Mimi says that she's considering leaving town. Victor encourages her to take a few months and leave town to clear her head.

- Cassie and Rex arrive at the hospital.

- Bo and Hope get into a HUGE war at the hospital over Chelsea, Billie, and Hope keeping the secret of her marriage. It culiminates though when they each question what the other was doing the night of Tony's murder.

- Abby is stabilized.

- Belle and Phillip come to the conclusion that it simply can't be true while Shawn begins to think it could and hopes it is.

- Rex heads to the church where he finds Victor. Victor tells Rex that Mimi is leaving town.

- John heads back to Basic Black and finds a resignation letter from Mimi.

- Stefano also learns that Bo and Hope's marriage is on the rocks because Hope found out about her being married during her time as Princess Gina!

- Jack and Jen stand by Abby's side with Laura and Alice.

- Bo and Hope tell each other that they don't think the other killed Tony, but that the other was doing something very bad that night.

- Shawn says that regardless of it being true or not, Mimi still lied to him and he'll never forgive her.

- Max and Cassie collide into one another and spill coffee all over each other.

- The results are in - Lexie tells Phillip that he is 100% sure NOT Claire's father...and Shawn is 100% the father of Claire.

- Bo tells Hope that he was with Billie, mourning Chelsea. Hope tells him that she was investigating what Tony had told her. They war between Bo and Hope reaches a new level when this revealed.

- Victor heads back to Titan where Marie tells him that the President, C.E.O., and head designer, of C.A.B. Designs is waiting in his office. Victor is pleasantly surprised.

- Cassie and Max exchange first names. Her attraction to him is evident. He rejoins Jennifer and the Horton women in the waiting room.

- Bo gets drunk at the Cheatin' Heart. Billie joins him and tells him to stop drinking.

- Alice urges Hope to find Bo and make up with him. She goes in search of him.

- Belle and Phillip are devastated. Shawn is shocked, but overjoyed. Kate tries to comfort Phillip, but he pushes her away. Phillips runs from Belle. Belle remains devastated and in shock.

- Victor enters the boardroom and is shocked to see that the CEO of C.A.B. Designs is ANNA DIMERA!

- Abe finds proof that Bo and Billie were together at the time of Tony's murder. And he discovers that Hope was at the Dimera Mansion. He removes the three of them from his suspect list.

- A drunk Bo falls into Billie's arms as they're leaving the bar. Their faces are inches away from each other. Bo recalls Hope's furious words. He kisses Billie as Hope turns the corner of the Cheatin' Heart Alley.

- At the bus station, Rex arrives just in time to stop Mimi. He tells her that she can't go. He explains that he knows how it is to be in her position and have your life ripped out from under you. He says that running away is not the answer. She interjects. But he stops her. He tells her that he still loves her and wants to be with her. He tells her the only reason he came to the church was to stop her from marrying Shawn. A shocked and speechless Mimi gives Rex an innocent peck on the lips. She boards the bus. She turns around. A tear falls down her cheek. Mimi leaves Salem.

- A desperate Jack sneaks into Shawn Sr.'s hospital room. Jack cries. He apologizes to Shawn Sr. Jack grips Shawn Sr.'s respirator plug and pulls it out. Shawn Sr. flatlines.


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OH MY GOD! Jack killed Grandpa Shawn!?!?!?!

I can't wait to see how this unfolds....

Keep up the good work.

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Whoa! Didn't expect that from Jack. Can't wait to see where this goes!

Woohoo to Anna's return!

Cassie the third party to Max/Abby? Heh.

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