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Episode #49 - Thursday, February 16:



Episode #49 - Thursday, February 16:

- Cassie, Sami, Shawn, Belle, Phillip, and Hope all grill Mimi for the truth until she finally breaks down and screams that it’s the truth! SHAWN IS CLAIRE’S FATHER!

- Paige calls John cells phone and asks for “Daddy.”

- Stefano confronts Jack at the hospital.

- Carrie and Austin demand to know how Sami knew the truth and why she lied.

- Kate tells Cassie that she can’t believe she would hurt her Phillip like this! Cassie meanwhile thinks to herself that Phillip isn’t even her brother. She secretly recalls her and Stefano’s plan to have her infiltrate the Brady’s by pretending to be Roman and Kate’s child when she and Rex are actually Tony and Marlena’s!

- Sami lies and says that Cassie just told her before the ceremony and how Cassie wanted Sami to stop the ceremony so Cassie didn’t have to hurt her own brother.

- Cassie explains to Kate that she couldn’t see Phillip live a lie at the hands of the woman who ruined Rex’s life.

- Jack attempts to punch Stefano for what he has done to Abby, but his bodyguards apprehend Jack.

- Meanwhile, Laura comforts Jennifer. Alice joins them at the hospital.

- Lexie leaves the hospital to help operate on Abby.

- John asks Paige who she’s looking for. She says “my father, Stefano.” John’s shocked and angry reaction scares Paige into hanging up on phone.

- Mimi explains how she just recently found out the truth a few days ago and was going to tell Belle, Shawn, and Phillip after the wedding. Shawn and Belle say that this can’t be true since they never slept together. Mimi tells them the time they got stuck in the barn and were delirious….they were found naked, and they must have made love then.

- Lexie begins to lose Abby during surgery.

- Phillip is devastated. He and Belle still refuse to believe it. Shawn asks Mimi how she found out. Kate and Bonnie butt in. But Mimi tells them that it’s over. Mimi says that she overheard Bonnie and Kate talking on the roof the other night when she was preparing the special dinner for Shawn.

- Phillip blasts Kate, as do Hope and her other children, Lucas and Billie. Hope slaps Kate. Belle slaps Mimi. Shawn blasts her, telling her that he’ll never forgive her for this. Belle and Shawn swear to Phillip that they had no idea they made love or had sex ever. Phillip suggests then that maybe they didn’t, and it is all a big misunderstanding. Kate regrettably informs Phillip that it isn’t. Phillip tells Kate that she is dead to him.

- An unconscious Abby flat lines on the O.R. table. Abby sees a light and walks towards it while Laura, Jennifer, and Alice pray for Abby at the hospital chapel.

- John tries to get a trace on the phone call he just received.

- Stefano tells Jack that he is not to doubt any of his plans anymore and that he will continue to act as his pawn or Jennifer, Alice, Jo, Vern, Laura, and Jack Jr. will be next. Stefano re-iterates to Jack…KILL SHAWN SR.!

- Sami finds Jan lurking outside the church and demands that she come through for HER now. She says she wants Carrie to hit rock bottom, just like Mimi.

- Phillip tells Belle and Shawn that he demands a paternity test on Claire before believing any of this. They take Claire and head to the hospital. Mimi tries to get Shawn to listen to her, but he screams at her and tells her to leave him alone!

- Everyone turns their backs on Mimi except Bonnie whom Mimi tells she never wants to see ever again.

- Mimi is left alone in the church while wearing her wedding dress. She sits at the altar and cries.


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