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Episode #48 - Wednesday, February 15:



Episode #48 - Wednesday, February 15:

- Abby is stabilized.

- Caroline insists that Victor leave her to be with Shawn.

- Victor plans an emergency meeting that evening for his team: Belle, Billie, Lucas, & Carrie.

- Stefano departs from the estate to Salem to deal with the Jack situation.

- Shawn, Belle, and Phillip are horrified to hear Laura's declaration. Kate and Bonnie proclaim that Laura is lying. Kate goes on to say that Laura will do anything to stop her children from being happy. She says the rivalry goes back to Mike and Austin feuding over Carrie's heart and even decades ago with Bill Horton. Hope tells Shawn that what Kate is saying is bull! Hope says that Laura would never make any of this up for the sake of their rivalry.

- Marlena manages to get Paige to re-enter her cell.

- Phillip and Belle refuse to believe any of this. Belle tells Phillip that she and Shawn never even made love before. Phillip, Shawn, and Belle refuse to believe Laura. Laura tells them that it is TRUE. Laura says that she knows because she was told it by MIMI herself!

- Victor tells his secretary, Marie, that his source told him that Basic Black is THISCLOSE to snagging the designer of C.A.B. Designs so he needs to have an emergency meeting with his team to head off John, Sami, Austin, and Mimi. Victor also tells Marie that John fired Kate and how he is hoping Kate will return to Titan, where she belongs.

- Shawn demands to know from Mimi what Laura is talking about.

- Laura and Kate continue to argue over what is the truth and what is made up due to the rivalry between Laura and Kate. Hope and Laura face off against Kate and Bonnie. But Laura gets a disturbing phone call about Abby, and she apologizes, but she leaves the church to be with Jen and Abby.

- Paige asks Marlena how she fits in to her father's I.S.A. agenda. Marlena is shocked that this is Stefano's daughter and that he is lying about the I.S.A., but she plays along.

- With Laura gone, Kate and Bonnie convince Shawn, Belle, and Phillip that none of this can be true since they never even slept together. Hope tries to get Shawn to understand that Laura would never lie. At Kate and Bonnie's manipulations, Mimi goes along with it all. They all chalk it up to Laura being confused. Bonnie and Kate tell everyone that Laura might be crazy again. Hope lashes out at Kate. Billie defends her mother. Hope lashes out at Billie. And Bo defends Billie to Hope.

- Marlena tells Paige that she knows a number that she can reach Stefano at while he is on ISA business. Paige is eager and asks Marlena for the number. Marlena gives Paige the phone number to John's cell phone.

- Victor details to Marie that he plans on bringing Basic Black down once and for all. He tells her the two most important things right now are landing the designer from C.A.B. Designs and re-hiring Kate at Titan!

- Belle re-assures Phillip that Claire can NOT be Shawn's.

- Shawn and Mimi attempt to get on with the ceremony once again even though Hope begs Shawn to think this through and talk to Laura more at the hospital. He refuses. The ceremony begins once again.

- Cassie steps forward and tells everyone that she, too, knows the truth - that Claire is Shawn's and that Mimi knows the truth! Cassie tells the entire congregation that she and Laura know the truth and how she'd bet anything that Sami, Kate, and Bonnie do too.

- Kate and Bonnie deny it. Belle asks Sami for the truth. Sami also denies it. Carrie tells everyone that she can tell when Sami is lying from a mile away...and that Sami is lying. Belle pleads to Sami and tells her that she hasn't always been the best sister...but now is her time to make up for it all. Belle begs and pleads with Sami for the truth. Caroline returns to the church in time to hear all of this, and she tells Sami to be honest. Sami confirms what Cassie and Laura said....Claire is Shawn's......and Mimi knew!


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