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Episode #47 - Tuesday, February 14th:



Episode #47 - Tuesday, February 14th:

- Shawn rushes to Mimi's side.

- Max confesses his feelings at Abby's hospital bedside.

- Jack and Jen arrive and gets devastating news that Abby needs surgery.

- Cassie joins Rex at the back of the church, and she is shocked to learn that he has given Mimi his blessing.

- Laura tells Hope that Mimi is keeping a devastating secret from Shawn.

- Max explains to Jack and Jen that someone shot Abby at the ball while they were dancing.

- Sami manages to dodge Austin, Lucas, and Carrie's questions about why she stopped the wedding.

- Jack gets a message delivered to him at the hospital. It's a picture of Abby. On the back of the picture is a Phoenix. Jack puts two and two together and realizes that Stefano did this to his daughter! There is a letter inside that warns Jack that Jennifer and Jack Jr. are next unless he follows Stefano's orders and stops the plans to one-up Stefano.

- Laura tells Hope that Claire is not Phillip's - that Claire is Shawn's....and that Mimi knows! Laura explains how she met Mimi in the park, and Mimi confided in her and asked for advice.

- Mimi awakens.

- Kate and Bonnie pull Laura away from the crowd and tell her to let the ceremony go one...for her grand-nephew's sake.

- Hope realizes what Kate is doing. She lashes out at Kate and tells her that she is sick of her scheming! Hope slaps Kate.

- Bonnie and Laura get into it when Laura mumbles under her breath that Mimi is a lying tramp.

- Hope is shocked when Kate slaps her back! Billie, Bo, and Shawn all step in before a war breaks out.

- Shawn and Mimi tell everyone to stop and demand someone tell them what the hell is going on.

- Laura steps forward and says that the truth is going to turn the lives of Belle, Phillip, Shawn, and Claire upside down!

- Abby flatlines during surgery.

- Shawn, Belle, and Phillip demand to know what's going on.

- Laura finally reveals to the Brady's, the Horton's, and everyone else at the church that Phillip is not the father of Claire...Shawn is!


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