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Episode #46 - Monday, February 13:



Episode #46 - Monday, February 13:

- When Caroline arrives at the hospital, Shawn is stabilized.

- Max throws himself to the ground and takes a bloody Abby into his arms. He weeps. He begs someone to call 911.

- Mimi is shocked and horrified when Sami stops the wedding.

- Sami yields to Laura and bows out...making up a lie about thinking her cousin, Shawn, can do better than Mimi Lockhart.

- Caroline and Victor grow close at Shawn's bedside.

- Abe officially eliminates Hope as a suspect.

- Sami texts Jan that Laura Horton has stopped the wedding.

- Abby is rushed to the hospital as Max stays by her side.

- Austin, Carrie, and Lucas all question Sami as to why she really stopped the wedding, but she admits nothing.

- Fr. Jansen and Shawn ask Laura why she has stopped the wedding. Mimi is appauled when Laura steps forward from behind the church, and she remembers her as the woman from the park in whom she sought solace.

- Kate and Bonnie are furious that the wedding was stopped. Kate tells Bonnie that she told her Laura would be a problem.

- Hope pulls Laura aside and tries to figure out what's going on.

- Jan and Cassie finally arrive at the church and hide in the back.

- Phillip and Belle watch curiously as to why Laura would stop the wedding.

- Max calls Jack and Jen at the church and tells them to come to the hospital immediately.

- Mimi asks Shawn how he knows Laura. Shawn explains that this is his great-aunt, Laura Horton! Mimi faints!


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