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Episode #45 - Friday, February 10:



Episode #45 - Friday, February 10:

- Caroline's phone call stops the wedding. She gets news that Shawn Sr. has worsened.

- During the off-time at the wedding, Sami tells Mimi that she knows her secret. But Mimi plays it off, and she actually convinces Sami that Jan is lying about Claire's father being Shawn. Sami and Mimi get into it over the fact that Mimi was tortured by Sami during her time as Stan.

- Shawn and Mimi want to call off the wedding for Shawn Sr., but Caroline insists that they move forward with it.

- Bo and Hope continue to ignore each other.

- Caroline leaves for the hospital and Victor goes with her.

- Laura congratulates Shawn and tells him that she wants to meet his bride, but they can't find Mimi during the downtime from the wedding.

- Stefano's sniper takes aim at Abby once again at her Valentine's Day Dance.

- Abby and Max share another romantic dance. They tell each other they have something to say to one another.

- Rex manages to get to the church, and he asks to speak with Mimi alone! He tells her that he forgives her for everything, and he wants to move forward with their relationship.

- Unforunately for Rex, Mimi misunderstood him and tells him that she's the happiest she's ever been in her life, everything happens for a reason, and she'd love nothing more than to move forward with their friendship. Seeing how happy Mimi is, Rex backs off.

- The wedding starts up again.

- Sami texts Jan and tells her that she is mistaken and Claire is Phillip's. She tells Jan that she's not going to stop the wedding.

- Rex contently watches the nuptials.

- Laura recognizes Mimi and tries to place her.

- Bonnie and Kate look at each other and smile that their plan has worked!

- Abby and Max are about to confess their feelings for each other when Stefano's sniper takes aim and fires! Abby collapses in a pool of blood.

- Laura finally places where she knows Mimi from. The park! She flashes back to when Mimi told Laura that she was keeping a secret from her fiance about a child he has with his ex-girlfriend. Laura puts it all together.

- Sami gets a text from Jan saying..."You idiot! Shawn is Claire's father! Mimi is lying! Why do you think Shawn was a blood donor match for Claire and Phillip wasn't? STOP THE WEDDING!" Sami is shocked at this new information.

- Fr. Jansen asks if anyone objects to the wedding then please speak now or forever hold your peace.

- Sami Brady and Laura Horton both stand. Sami screams..."No! You can't!" as Laura screams "I OBJECT! Stop the wedding!"


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My *only* complaint is that you have two events going at once, but other than that, great stuff! I think I'm the only Days-blogger who's not killing Shawn, Sr, LoL. Laura/Sami is a very unique combination -- love it.

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Yeah, I guess if it were the real show, it'd probably be best to stretch out the events and make them separate, but hey...why not? :) Thanks for the feedback!

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No problem. BTW, does anyone else get comments that get cut off? This happens on all the blogs I read. The only reason I can read comment son MY blog is I can hit edit to read the entire content. Is there some kind of setting issue I don't know about?

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I noticed that too Keith.

King, this episode was GREAT! I like Laura's involvement in the current storyline with Shawn/Belle/Mimi. Great idea with that. I can see you really like the character of Laura Horton. I myself have been trying to find a way to bring her back becuase I always liked her as well. The time isn't right now, but soon, Jamie Lyn Bauer will be making a return to DAYS. Keep up the good work!

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*LOVE* JLB and Laura. :) Thanks for the feedback too, Drew!

Keith, I am on IE. That happen, but I just maximize the screen. That fixes it for me. Did you try that?

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I always have my window maximized. Still cuts off. LoL. I have discovered that if I highlight/copy and paste, I can read the whole thing. LoL.

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