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Episode #44 - Thursday, February 8th:



Episode #44 - Thursday, February 8th:

- Rex remains stuck in the elevator at the loft during his building's blackout.

- Cassie and Jan struggle to get to the church when their car won't start.

- Phillip and Belle's renewal ceremony begins as Shawn and Mimi stand beside them as best man and maid of honor.

- Laura unsuccessfully tries to convince Roman to plead innocent.

- Hope steals Abe away from the wedding and tells him that she can finally be 100% honest with him about the night Tony died.

- Jan calls Sami and tells her that she'll only come through on her side of the deal to nail Carrie if Sami stops the wedding. Sami asks how, and Jan tells her that Claire is Shawn's! Sami is shocked!

- Rex recaps his turbulent relationship with Mimi.

- Hope confesses to Abe that she WAS with Tony that night, but he confessed a horrible secret to her, and she went right to the Dimera mansion. She claims that she was at the Dimera Mansion when the clock struck midnight and the tapes will prove that fact.

- Sami tells Jan that she can't just call someone at the wedding and have them stop it.

- Victor is shocked when Kate tells him that John has fired her. Victor offers Kate a job at

- Sami tells Jan that she's sorry, but that she's stuck at the prison in a lockdown! And she can't just call someone and tell them that!

- Jan threatens Sami. Carrie, Sami, and Laura are all let out of lockdown when the escaped prisoner is caught. Sami tells Jan not to worry and that she will get to the church on time.

- As Shawn and Mimi's wedding begins, Rex remains trapped in the elevator and Jan/Cassie remain deserted with car trouble.

- Sami, Carrie, and Laura arrive at the church. Sami prepares to stop the wedding.

- Caroline gets an urgent call from the hospital about Shawn Sr. that stops the wedding! Caroline screams "NO!!!"

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