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Episode #43 - Wednesday, February 8th:



Episode #43 - Wednesday, February 8th:

- Mimi arrives at the church and heads straight to the confessional. Mimi confesses everything to the priest who urges her to be honest with her fiance.

- Hope is devastated when Bo decides to sit by himself at the ceremony.

- Paige remains intrigued by Marlena, but she decides to stay away from her like Stefano said.

- Abby and Max share a dance. And they scare each other when their attraction to one another is evident.

- Hope is further devastated when Billie sits with Bo.

- Stefano's hitman takes aim at Abby, but he cannot get a clear shot.

- Shawn demands that his father put aside his grievances with his mother and sit with her. Bo agrees. Shawn tells Billie that he won't forget this and he'll make her pay for this.

- Rex is horrified to learn that Mimi and Shawn will be getting married in mere minutes. Rex informs Cassie, who panics and tells Jan.

- Victor and Kate's budding relationship really continues to worry John.

- Jan and Cassie struggle to get to the church on time.

- Laura stops at the prison before going the church, but she still can't get Roman to listen to her and plead innocent.

- Bo and Hope sit together, but Hope can't get him to listen to her.

- John demands that Kate cut off communication with Victor.

- Caroline asks everyone to pray for Shawn Sr. Later, she is also disturbed by Victor and Kate's growing closeness.

- Rex decides that he has to tell Mimi how he feels before she marries Shawn.

- Kate refuses to stop talking to Victor so John FIRES Kate from Basic Black.

- Mimi is thrilled when Shawn tells her that are going to get married alongside Phillip and Belle.

- Mimi and Belle have a heart to heart as Belle gives her support for Shawn and Mimi's relationship. Mimi feels horribly guilty about keeping Claire's paternity from her. Belle and Mimi decide to put the past behind them and move on with their best friendship. Mimi rationalizes that she will tell Shawn and Belle everything after the wedding.

- A prisoner escapes from the Salem prison and causes a lockdown which locks Laura at the prison and makes her unable to attend the wedding.

- The power goes off in Rex's building and traps him in the elevator which keeps him from getting to St. Luke's.

- Cassie and Jan are horrified to learn that their car is not starting and Cassie cannot make it to the church on time.

- Phillip and Belle's renewal ceremony and Shawn and Mimi's wedding begin.


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