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Episode #42 - Tuesday, February 7:



Episode #42 - Tuesday, February 7:

- Belle, Phillip, and Shawn gather at the church for the ceremony.

- Stefano calls the girl by the name of Paige. And he asks her why she is in such a panic.

- Paige explains to Stefano, whom she refers to as "Daddy," that she walked in on a woman being held captive in the basement.

- Jan and Cassie panic. Cassie says that in the worst case scenario, if they can't find a way to let Phillip and Shawn know about Claire's paternity and Mimi then Cassie will just stop the ceremony and say that she knows the truth.

- Carrie and Sami get word of their father confessing to Tony's murder, and they rush to be with him.

- At the church, Bo and Hope come face to face for the first time since her confession.

- Abby and Max's dance begins, and the hitman waits to prey on Abby.

- Celeste gives Tek one last opportunity to leave town before she tells Lexie about how they "slept together."

- The Brady's and the Horton's gather at the church, as well.

- Kate also visits Roman on her way to the church.

- Carrie and Austin get into an argument over Titan, Carrie's employer, and Basic Black, Austin's Employer.

- John and Victor realize that they are in direct competition for a hot new designer to design a clothing line for each company.

- A worried Stefano explains to Paige that this is all part of a very important assignment he was given and lies to her by telling that he is one of the I.S.A.'s top secret agents. He explains that the woman has to do with why the government had him undergo the surgery to make him look like the world renowned surgeron, Alex North. Paige buys her father's story.

- Tek is terrified of what Stefano will do when he finds out that he ruined everything with Lexie.

- John gets a letter from "Marlena" telling her that she hopes he is as happy as she is with Alex and asking about Belle.

- Bo tells Hope that he can't forgive her for keeping this secret from him for weeks upon weeks. Bo says that Hope promised that she'd never keep a secret from him ever again after the JT paternity issue.

- At the park, Mimi runs into a woman with whom she feels very comfortable. The woman says that she gets that a lot and that it is her job to listen to others.

- Stefano tells Paige to forget what she saw in the secret room in the basement or she'll be compromising a very dangerous mission. She agrees.

- Mimi begins to open up to the woman about her situation with her fiance and how he is the father of her ex-best friend's baby and how she is one of the only people who know the truth. Unbeknownst to Mimi, the woman is Laura Horton!


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