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-Carrie and Bo bump into each other on the pier. They about Hope and Austin. She tells him about Austin in Highstyle. He agrees not to say anything about it until she tells Austin herself. She confesses that she doesn’t know if she will tell him-she plans on just waiting until he learns of it on his own. She tells him to keep the faith and that Hope loves him. They will get through this. They hug.

-Austin and Lucas talk. Austin admits not seeing a whole lot of Lucas lately. Lucas keeps his secret and the fact that he was depressed to himself. He questions him about Carrie and her recent behavior. Lucas recalls his fight with Carrie after she learned that he knew Austin was taking over Highstyle and didn’t stop it. She made him promise not tell Austin anything until she did. He keeps his promise and mentions nothing. Austin thinks he is lying and demands the truth but Lucas doesn’t budge and leaves saying he has his own issues to deal with.

-Victor and Billie talk. He warns her of all the heat she is gonna take for Chelsea’s actions. Billie asks if he thinks Chelsea was responsible for what happened and that her, Bo, and Kate are as well. He says he believes everyone was partly but that it may have happened anyway given the weather. She thanks him for his honesty. He promises to let her and the rest of the family know if he hears from Kate. They leave as Victor makes a phone call to Nico. He says to contact some members of the underworld and some former business associates and see what they know about Phillip and where he may be. He tells Nico that he realizes some may be uncooperative since his business is much cleaner now and he has not been involved in anything seedy in awhile but that if anyone gives him trouble to warn them of his power and how he will use it and do whatever it takes to get what he wants, especially when it comes to his son. He stresses Nico to inform them that extreme measures will be taken if necessary.

-Sami and Maggie have it out. Maggie breaks down and admits to Sami that everything she knows is true. Sami presses for the rest of the truth but a worried and emotionally run down Maggie stands her ground. She tells Sami to back off and leave her and Lucas alone and runs off. Sami vows to learn the rest of the truth. Maggie places a call to Lucas and says they need to talk. Sami is hot on their trial and everything going on is reinforcing her temptation to drink again. Lucas warns her that things are this bad because they did drink and need to stop. He says to meet him at his apartment. She leaves as Sami watches and follows suit as the screen fades to black.


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