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January Episode Count



Preemptions: January 2

Episodes in January: 21

Episodes in 2006: 21

Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton)- 21

Kristian Alfonso (Hope Williams Brady)- 20

Peter Reckell (Bo Brady)- 20

Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Roberts)- 19

Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady)- 18

Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady)- 18

Farah Fath (Mimi Lockhart)- 18

Martha Madison (Belle Black Kiriakis)-18

Josh Taylor (Roman Brady)- 17

Jason Cook (Shawn Brady)- 17

Judi Evans (Bonnie Lockhart)-17

Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Horton Deveraux)- 16

Austin Peck (Austin Reed)-16

Christie Clark (Carrie Brady)- 16

Julie Pinson (Billie Reed)- 15

Ashley Benson (Abigail Deveraux)- 15

Darin Brooks (Max Brady)- 15

Billy Warlock (Frankie Brady)- 15

Frances Reid (Alice Horton)- 14

Deidre Hall (Dr. Marlena Evans Black)- 14

Bill Hayes (Doug Williams)- 14

Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams)- 14

James Reynolds (Abe Carver)- 12

John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis)- 12

Tanya Boyd (Celeste Perrault)-12

Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts)- 11

Renee Jones (Dr. Lexie Carver)- 10

Drake Hogestyn (John Black)- 9

Joshua & Jacob Rips (John Thomas "JT" Brady Reiber)- 8 (debuted on 1/9/06)

Kyle Brandt (Philip Kiriakis)- 6

Jeremy Sumpter (Will Roberts)- 6 (debuted on 1/3/06)

Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Brady)- 5 (last aired 1/9/06)

Garrett, Mitchell & Spencer Gray (Zack Brady)- 5

Matthew Ashford (Jack Deveraux)- 3

Julianne Morris (Greta Von Amburg)- 3

John Ingle (Mickey Horton)- 3 (last aired 1/17/06)

Steve Blackwood (Bart Biederbicke)- 3

James Lancaster (Father Timothy Jansen)- 3

Rhasaan Orange (Thomas "Tek" Kramer)- 3 (last aired 1/5/06)

Frank Parker (Shawn Brady Sr.)- 2 (last aired 1/9/06)

Arianne Zuker (Nicole Walker)- 2

Brody Hutzler (Patrick Lockhart)-2

Chase & Tyler Johnson (Theo Carver)- 2

Wayne Northrop (Alex North)- 1

Mandy Musgrave (Chelsea Brady)- 1 (debuted 1/27/06)

Daphne Bloomer (Eugenia Willans)- 0

Jacee Jule (Java Cafe Waitress Patty)- 0

Ron Leath (Henderson)- 0

Thaao Penghlis (Tony DiMera)- 0

Jake & Nick Ravo (Jack Deveraux Jr.)- 0

Arloa Reston (Joelle)- 0

Zeus the dog (Max)- 0


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Love who the top star is! Go Suzanne! I love he rpart in the story that she's in, from what i've read. Responsible for mowing down Zach while drunk, yes?

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Maggie is a suspect Keith.

Her and Lucas both fell off

the wagon the same night

and Phillip was also hammered

too. Phillip was on his way out of

Salem and Lucas was on his way to

attempt suicide. Mrs. Morrison had

an emergency and was in a hurry so

she left Zach with a a disoriented Maggie.

Maggie was dreaming about Mickey and

Zach was sacred because Maggie had yelled

at him and now wasn't waking up so he decided

to go find his parents. He knew the way home and

since Maggie left the door open he left. Maggie realized

he was gone and went out driving.

So there were three drunk drivers. Phillip stole

Julie's car and a witness caught Phillip's car on the street

(He had pulled over). Lucas also knows that his car was the

same as the one Phillip had and so were the tire tracks.

Both Maggie and Lucas have had flashes of hitting something

in the road and are keeping what happened a secret. They both

know of what each other did and are hiding it. Their cars collided

shortly after Zach was hit so they can't tell if their headlights

were damaged (the car that hit Zach left glass from a headlight).

Sami has learned that both of them were drunk and about Lucas's

depression and Maggie's negligence while watching Zach. She does

not know that one of them could have hit Zach.

Basically, it appears to be Phillip right now (who doesn't remember

anything but hitting something and is currently out of Salem) but

I am trying to make it myseterious and leaving it open that Maggie

or Lucas could have done it. Maggie feels bad either way because he

left on her watch and she was already feeling guilty about Mickey

and Shawn Sr's deaths. This will be a huge story for Lumi too so there

will be alot more of them and Maggie. I have always loved her and you

can expect her to continue to reign over the episode counts on my watch.

Thanks Kieth for commenting. I know I am behind but I am trying to

catch up. I am afraid that my delay in getting shows out has

made me lose my audience so please keep commenting and this goes

for everyone too. I want to make sure you are all still out there :lol: .

Keep reading and enjoy. The funeral episodes should be up soon so

check back every day because the episodes are gonna be coming on

feverishly as I catch up. I got some huge returns coming up on top

of the guests so don't miss a day. Check everyday!! :) .

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