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-Everyone is still outside St. Luke’s after the botched funeral for Chelsea and Patrick. Shawn pulls Bonnie aside from talking to Roman to ask for permission to marry Mimi. Bonnie happily gives her permission and decides to go tell Belle. Meanwhile, Shawn makes romantic plans to propose to Mimi. He tells Mimi he has a surprise for her and that she will have a night she never forgets.

-Bonnie gleefully tells Belle of Shawn’s plans to marry Mimi and be a family with her and their baby. Marlena and John comfort her and Marlena gets in Bonnie’s face about her cruelty towards Belle. She reminds Bonnie of Mimi and Belle being best friends and all Belle did for the Lockhart’s in the past, including Habitat for Humanity. Bonnie is thankful but says that her daughter has Shawn now and Belle made her choice. Mimi should not be punished for Belle giving up on Shawn when he was being held captive by Jan. Belle made her choice and now she has to live with it. Marlena warns Bonnie to back off and not interfere. Their children need to decide for themselves and work everything out. Bonnie says she isn’t interfering but she knows that Belle is using all the tragedy to get close to Shawn even if she won’t admit it and Mimi is in a precarious condition. One upset could possibly cost Mimi her baby and even her life. Marlena lets it go but warns Bonnie again to back off as John walks away and gives Bonnie a dirty look too. Belle thanks them but says that Bonnie is right. She has lost Shawn and he is going to have his own family now and she just needs to deal with that. The three of them leave as someone continues to watch John and Marlena from a distance.

-Shawn interrupts the fight between Bo, Hope, and Billie to tell his parents of his plan to marry Mimi. They are happy for him. Shawn again has a fight with his father over the Chelsea situation. Hope tells Shawn to back off a bit and to let her deal with everything. If she needs him she will call him. He leaves. Hope and Billie have yet another fight as Bo tells Billie the best thing for her to do right now is leave. She agrees and takes off. Bo and Hope have it out but decide once again to put their problems on the back burner until after the funeral tomorrow for the sake of the family. Bo apologizes to Hope but says that Chelsea is his daughter and he will always defend her just like she would always defend their boys. Hope looks at him threateningly and says to drop it. She knows his feelings already and they will discuss it after the funeral. She shocks him when she says she is staying at Jen’s tonight and not with him at home since she can’t even stand right now to be near him. She goes back to the hospital to be with JT and Zach as a heart broken Bo looks on.

-Caroline and Roman discuss everything that is happening. They are worried about Bo and Hope and can’t believe how badly the funeral flopped. They knew that people disliked Chelsea but the way everything turned out was disrespectful. Caroline recalls her secret with Victor and worries that something like that will happen tomorrow at the funeral with everyone walking out on her due to her secret. They talk about Roman and Bonnie and Caroline notices that Roman likes her a lot. She has been there for him through everything. Caroline encourages Roman to open up to her about everything rather then keep his emotions in check but he says that he has been through this with her and Bonnie already. He is not gonna cry or breakdown when his family needs him. He is not a wimp. He asks her about Victor coming to the funeral. Caroline says he will probably come because of Claire but he will keep his distance. She is stunned when Roman speaks so venomously about Victor and says if he comes close to her or does anything to disrupt his father’s funeral there will be hell to pay. He doesn’t care that he is Bo’s father or Claire’s great grandfather, he will pay if he does anything like that tomorrow. Bonnie steps in and Roman tells her he needs to get back to the station and they say their goodbyes as both of them leave. Caroline worries that her secret will come out tomarrow and her family will be ripped apart.

-Carrie and Austin have a standoff over why she has been avoiding him. She almost tells him but then walks away with tears in her eyes and says to leave her alone. Austin is still confused.

-Victor follows Kate to her hotel suite. She tells Victor she has decided to leave Salem. She has caused too much damage to her children’s lives and she needs to get out of their way for awhile. She confesses she needs to change her ways and says that she really doesn’t know who she is anymore. She has finally realized how bad her actions were and now she doesn’t even know who the real Kate is: concerned mother or mother from hell. Victor tries to convince her to stay given all that is going on with her children but Kate insists they will be better off without her. She goes to pack as Victor makes a few calls.

-Sami listens to Maggie and Lucas talk about the night they fell off the wagon. She learns that Maggie and Lucas both got drunk and that Maggie was drunk while watching Zach. She learns how depressed, lonely, and left out Lucas felt and realizes that she was paying so much attention to Austin and seeking comfort from Austin that Lucas got shoved aside. Austin almost catches Sami listening but doesn’t. He says he has to go see his mother because she is leaving town. Sami rejoices but stops when Austin gives her his trademark disappointed look. He goes to Lucas too and tells him they need to say goodbye to their mom. Lucas is upset since yet another person in his life is leaving but then thinks about how his mother has done more harm then good and it will be better with her away (he doesn’t want her learning about his secret and making it worse). They leave as Maggie moves to leave too. Sami stops her and tells Maggie she already knows most of what is going on and wants to know the rest. Maggie tries to lie her way out but Sami informs Maggie what she already knows and gives her choice: tell her everything else about her and Lucas or she will tell Bo, Hope, and everyone else that she was drunk while watching Zach. Maggie panics as a confident Sami waits for Maggie to spill her guts.

-Lucas, Austin, and Billie all show up to say goodbye to Kate. Billie thanks her mother for being with her at the funeral as Kate apologizes for how it turned out. She blames herself for the poor turnout saying that she made Chelsea worse and that a lot of the people at the funeral don’t like her either so that didn’t help matters. Billie says that not only is Kate to blame but her and Bo as well. They all made mistakes but they need to move on now. They can’t take it back. Kate tells her children that they will all find happiness again and that she is sorry for everything and that it took her so long to realize what she really was. The three of them hug Kate and say goodbye as Lucas can’t help but be a little happy that his mom won’t be around to find out what he is hiding. Victor embraces her and says he will update her on everything that happens, especially Phillip. Kate thanks him and then picks up her bags and leaves, leaving Victor and the others in her wake. We see Kate walking down the hall with tears in her eyes saying that this is for the best so that she can’t cause any more damage. She now wonders if her trip will turn into something more permanent. The camera then freezes on her as she gets in the elevator and it closes making the screen fade to black.

On the next Days...

Sami and Maggie have it out. Austin demands the truth about Carrie from Lucas. Victor warns Billie of what she is about to face. Carrie and Bo talk about their lives.


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