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[b]1/30/06 (long episode-I am still playing catchup so the big guest star episodes may not start until Wed so bare with me please-I don't have all that much free time lately)

-Mimi, Belle, Shawn, and Bonnie all show up at St. Luke’s for the start of the memorial service for Patrick. Billie and Kate show up to mourn Chelsea.

-Bonnie is still upset that the service is being shared but remembers Kate is paying for it all so she shuts her mouth. Caroline and Maggie show up saying they came for Patrick since he saved many of their lives on the island. Jen, Abby, Max and Frankie show up too as Jen and Abby remind everyone that he meant a lot to them and that they are there for Chelsea too despite everything. That makes Billie smile. Abe, Celeste, John and Marlena show up too as they also are reminded of Patrick saving them on the island. Alice soon arrives too with Doug and Julie, who have also come to show appreciation for Patrick. It becomes clear to Billie and Kate that almost no one is there for Chelsea. Austin, Lucas, Sami, and Carrie show up too. Austin and Lucas came because they had too while Carrie and Sami felt obligated too since Chelsea was somewhat related to them. It becomes clear to Billie and Kate that most people are there because they have to be or for Patrick. Victor shows up too to show his support for Kate and Chelsea was his granddaughter. He also is appreciative to Patrick for helping everyone get off the island. Bo and Hope then show up. Hope is there for Patrick and is shocked when Bo says he is there for Chelsea. They get into another fight as Bo reminds Hope that his daughter is dead and he has to mourn. This sparks a fight between Kate, Billie, and Hope. Hope punches Billie, which leads to Kate knocking Hope over and Hope grabbing hold of Kate’s neck. The fight is broken up. Shawn then interferes and picks a fight with Billie and Kate for always screwing with his family and other people’s lives. Bo breaks that up but Shawn then tears into him for him always choosing Billie and Chelsea over them and for his role in making Chelsea the reckless brat she was. Bonnie breaks down in Roman’s arms over all the turmoil at her son’s funeral. She is now happy she decided not to bring Connor with her-it would’ve been too much for him and all this would have made it worse. Fr. Jansen comes in and orders everyone to calm down. Everyone is then seated for the service.

-Hope, Jen, Abby, Bonnie, Mimi, Billie and Belle all give eulogies for Patrick. Once the Chelsea part of the service commences, everyone begins to leave except for Bo, Billie, Victor, Kate, Austin, Lucas, Sami, Carrie, Abe, Celeste, Abby, Max, Jen, Alice, Caroline and Frankie. Sami then walks out and Austin and Lucas decide to leave too saying that this really wasn’t much of a funeral. Kate and Billie are devastated that no one stayed for Chelsea’s part of the service. Victor comforts Kate as Bo consoles Billie, which is spied by Hope. Kate, Billie, and Bo then do their eulogies to the remaining congregation.

-All hell then breaks lose outside when Billie and Kate go into a long rant about how everyone left (everyone is waiting outside and talking). Bo does so too which prompts Hope and several others to remind Bo of what Chelsea did and how the way she was parented up to that point played a role in what happened. Bo is stunned that people like Maggie and his own wife would walk out of the funeral. He is stunned that Roman walked out too but Roman says he just wanted to comfort Bonnie. Caroline and Alice urge everyone to forgive so they can move on but nobody listens. They just walk away leaving those that did stay to notice how divided everything was.

-Victor comforts Kate as she can’t believe what happened at the service. She blames herself for spoiling Chelsea and blames herself for making things worse due to all her past sins in interfering with her children’s lives. Nobody in Salem likes her so there is no way they would like Chelsea now that she is hurting people just like she did. She is losing it as Victor tries to calm her. She is worried about Phillip too and blames herself for that as well. She says she doesn’t know what to do for her children or herself and really doesn’t even know who she is anymore. Billie, Lucas, and Austin notice her breakdown and go over to her. She looks at all of them and bursts into tears saying how sorry she is and then runs off. Victor says he will go after her and tells them that he will let them know if there is anything they can do.

-Lucas and Austin apologize to Billie for leaving but Billie is hurt. They admit to Billie that they don’t blame her or Chelsea but the funeral had turned into a mockery. Billie believes they left because the funeral was a joke and they didn’t want bad press since it would be bad for Austin’s company and for Titan. She tells them she understands and is fine. They leave as Billie cries alone for her daughter and for Patrick.

-Jen, Frankie, Abby, and Max can’t believe what has happened at the funeral. They decide to go home. They console Billie and apologize for how things turned out. She thanks them as they leave. Jen asks Frankie on the way to the car about his investigation of Patrick back in the summer. Frankie asks how she knows that and Jen says that she found outlines on Jack’s laptop about all the evidence and facts he was collecting since he hated him and one of the outline headers was “Frankie Scoop.” He tells Jen that it isn’t the best time to go over what he did find, adding that he didn’t find much. He says he will tell her soon though when he has more to give her. He plans to keep the investigation going to see what else he can get. She agrees to what he says and they leave.

-Alice chastises Doug and Julie for walking out of the funeral but they can’t help but be angry with Chelsea and Bo, Billie, and Kate. Bo overhears and has a fight with Doug but Alice stops it. Doug and Julie take Alice home but not before having a talk with Maggie who continues to be panicked about her memory flashes. She lies her way out of another interrogation from Alice, Doug, and Julie and then runs off to talk to Lucas. Hope comments on how right her father is as Bo walks away disgusted.

-Maggie runs into Lucas and they talk about their secrets concerning the night they both fell off the wagon. Meanwhile, Sami and Austin question Carrie about her behavior of late but she tells them both to leave her alone and leaves. Sami sees Lucas and Maggie talking and decides to stay. She tells Austin to go on ahead of her since she wants to mingle. He decides to confront Carrie on his own and tells Sami to wait for him. Sami hides behind bushes and spies and listens in on Lucas and Maggie.

-Caroline compliments Roman on comforting Bonnie given all that happened today. Bonnie thanks him as Roman says they will both be there for each other. They both smile and embrace each other.

-Marlena comforts Belle over everything that has happened. They talk about Shawn and her obvious jealousy and she reminds herself that she needs to stay away from Shawn. Marlena supports her and says it’s a good idea. Marlena notices Bonnie keeping an eye on Belle and tells John that she thinks Bonnie is just like Kate and will do anything for her kids. She tells John she knows Bonnie is hounding Belle about staying away from Shawn and says that if Bonnie continues to pressure her daughter she will have to deal with her. As they both talk, someone is spying on them from the bushes.

-Shawn and Mimi share a close moment and talk about all the tragedy recently and the shortness of life. He remembers his conversation with his mom about marrying Mimi and that combined with all the death lately and how short life is makes him change his mind. He has a baby on the way so him and Mimi should marry before the baby is born or even sooner. It would be good for her and her condition to plan and be involved in something that joyous. He decides to propose to her right away. He tells her he has something to do and asks if she can hitch a ride with her mother. She says she can and he leaves to go get a ring and plan a very special night.

-Abe and Celeste grow closer as they are affected by all the tragedy that surrounds them and in the turmoil in their own family.

-Bo finds Billie and apologizes again for what happened. She says the issue is that everyone is right about everything from blaming Chelsea for the New Year’s tragedy to their bad parenting and her mother’s negative involvement. He consoles her and says that everything will get better in time once then initial pain and shock of all this loss goes away. Hope comes up behind them and disagrees and says things will only get worse. She looks at the both of them and says, “Especially if my husband can’t make up his mind which side he is on and who is right and who is wrong. Maybe its time you did that Bo. Don’t you think?” The screen then freezes on a three way split screen of Bo, Billie, and Hope and then fades to black.

On the next Days...

Shawn asks Bonnie for Mimi’s hand in marriage. Caroline is stunned by Roman’s venom towards Victor. Kate makes a huge decision. Sami learns some of the truth. Carrie and Austin have a standoff. Bo and Hope’s relationship continues to crumble.


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