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Final Funeral Guests Cast!!!



Here are there the previously uncasted funeral guest roles. I did my research and I think I got these about as good as I could. Keep in mind these are only guest appearances and if the character ever comes back it could be with a different actor or actress playing them especially if a chosen actor or actress doesn't sit well with the viewers (readers). Here you go:

Larry Bryggman (Tommy Horton)

Kale Brown (Bill Horton)

Sara Paxton (Stephanie Johnson)

Blair Redford (Spencer Olsen)

David Tom (Jeremy Jacobs)

Ashley Tisdale (Jeannie Donovon)

AJ Trauth (Andrew Donovon)

The role if Molly Brady-Murphy will not be cast at this time. However, she will be cast shortly after the funeral and may be a recurring player and play a part in huge story coming up in the Spring and Summer. The show has a purpose for her but if she came to the funeral it would ruin that purpose so it was decided to just have her mentioned. Readers (viewers) will begin to learn more about Molly and what she is all about at the funeral.

As for the above roles cast, Days is very pleased with the casting. "We think we fit the roles well," says executive producer Ned Yadroc. "It was difficult but we think we found a gold mine with some of these younger actors like Sara Paxton (who has appeared in many projects including the short-lived show Summerland). We raided the Disney Channel a bit and scored two young rising stars in AJ Trauth (formerly of Even Stevens and currently a musician) and Ashley Tisdale (currently of The Suite Life with Zach and Cody and recently stared in the Disney Original Movie High School Musical). We are pleased that Disney let us borrow them for a week. They are both very talented." There was rumors that Days was trying to get Ashley's on screen brother from High School Musical, Lucas Grabeel, but he was unavailable. Yadroc continues, "We are happy that David Tom, Kale Browne, Blair Redford, and Larry Bryggman came aboard too. All have tremedous talent and it isn;t easy to step into roles for temporary period, especially roles that were in some cases played by others before. We are grateful to have all of them with us for thsi incredible event. We will gauge audience reaction and see if how the audience reacts to these actors in these roles so that if and when these characters make returns we know who should return and who shouldn't. Its exciting because I am sure most, if not, all these performers will take off with the audience. I look forward to their reaction."

The funeral begins on the February 6 episode of Days and the event will play out until Febraury 10. There will also be a reception too where fans will see these guests interact with current members of the cast. As previously mentioned, one character from the guest list will be remaining after this week for an unspecified period of time but the door will be kept open for the rest of the guest to return in the future. Days has taken steps to hint at a few possible stories during this event so that story possibilities are open for these characters.

Also, look for three more returns this week. Two of them will be a huge shock while the other will not be. One of the returns will not take place in Salem and another will be a temporary return for now. The third return is something completely shocking that no one will see coming. Insiders hint that there is very little buildup until the first episode the returning character appears in and that it is so shocking fans will be left on the edge of their seats. "Its not one of those returns where you see the returnee stalking someone for a week or few days and then see him or her's face revealed as they are stalking certain characters. Its one of those buildup through an episode and then see the returnee do something shocking kind of returns," says Yadroc.

Stay tuned-its all part of a FANTASTIC FEBRAURY ON DAYS OF OUR LIVES!!!


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