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-Belle and Shawn comfort each other over Claire. John and Marlena are there too, as is Bo and Hope. They inform Belle and Shawn that since the funeral for Shawn Sr and Mickey is postponed for a day that they want Claire to be mourned then too. After all, she is part of the family and saved Zach and JT. Shawn and Belle ask if that is possible since she just died but Hope says that all her organs have been donated and that the sooner she is laid to rest, the quicker the healing starts. Belle breaks down again as Mimi looks on. Bo and Hope congratulate Mimi on the pregnancy an insist it’s a good time for some joyous news. Belle is clearly jealous now that Mimi is having Shawn’s child and Claire is gone. Hope talks to Shawn and asks if he plans on marrying Mimi before the baby is born. Shawn says he though about it since it would be right for the baby. Hope and Bo agree as Belle looks on agitated. John and Marlena congratulate Mimi too. Shawn decides to propose to Mimi after the funeral. Belle remembers her promise to stay away from Shawn for Mimi’s sake and tells Shawn that he can go home with Mimi now. Her parent are with her and he should be with Mimi since she needs him and some rest. Bo and Hope agree and they all leave. Shawn promises Mimi a happy life for the baby and for themselves. Belle confesses to her parents her promise concerning Mimi. Marlena is angry with Bonnie for forcing the issue but insists that Belle do stay away from Shawn as much as possible given Mimi’s condition. John notes that Shawn is with Mimi now and they should be left alone as Belle breaks down again over losing Claire, what she did to Phillip, and losing Shawn. Marlena and John console her and promise to be there for her.

-Bo reluctantly tells Hope about Chelsea and Patrick’s double memorial, which is the day before Claire, Shawn Sr’s, and Mickey’s. Hope says she will pay her respect to Patrick, as will most people, but Chelsea isn’t getting her tears. Bo reminds Hope of their promise to let the tension go until after the funerals since they need to stay together right now. Hope agrees to that but says she will never shed a tears for his bitch of a daughter.

-Will is by Chelsea (now being played again by Mandy Musgrave) . All her surgeries have been completed and she thanks Will for everything. They try to figure out who is giving them what they need to run away and to pay for her medical bills. She is worried about what she will look like now. Her voice is already different since her vocal cords were damaged and needed to be repaired. Will says it will all turn out fine. She is afraid to go back to Salem as Will says they won’t be. He already told his parents he doesn’t know when he will be back and he tells her about how the letter said that if they went back their families would be destroyed. He says they will be staying away for awhile and they have everything they need to do so. She thanks him for his help as she is grateful she isn’t in this alone as Bart watches from a distance and notes how the boss will be pleased.

-Sami goes over to Lucas’ apartment and again interrogates him about her finding him in the garage checking out his damaged car. He gets out of it again. They talk about Will and how worried they are but think he will be ok on his own since his parents are both resourceful and strong. They talk about their relationship and end up fighting and once again proclaiming its over. Sami ends up cutting herself on a stack of papers she throws at him and goes to the bathroom to run it under cold water. Maggie then comes running in the door and is in panic. She can’t stop thinking about what happened and Lucas is the only person she can talk too. She is a mess and goes on and on about her role in Mickey and Shawn Sr’s deaths and now everything else that has happened. He tries to quiet her but Sami walks out and again questions the both of them. Lucas ends up kicking her out. Sami tries to hear from outside the door but Lucas catches her. Maggie and Lucas promise again to keep things quiet for the time being. They decide to investigate on their own what happened after the funeral. Maggie thanks Lucas and hugs him. They both insist they are in all this together. She leaves as Sami watches and stares at Lucas from across the hall. Maggie worries about Sami finding out as she leaves the building as Lucas does the same. Sami realizes they are both scared and knows now that something big happened and she isn’t gonna stop until she learns what it is as the screen fades to black.

On the next Days...

Chelsea and Patrick’s funeral flops. Roman comforts Bonnie. Shawn changes plans. Hope, Billie, and Kate come to blows.


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