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1/25/06 and 1/26/06



1/25/06 (Hey guys-I am updating everything and trying to catch up so that everything is on schedule for thsi week and the guest star stuff. This episodes are really short because I am trying to catch up so I apologize in advance. I am doing my best. Also note that there are two episodes in this entry. Keep reading and commenting :D )

-Lucas lies his lies his way out of Sami’s interrogation. Sami is still suspicious and decides to keep an eye on him.

-Carrie continues to keep her distance from Austin, as he wonders why.

-Everyone at the hospital mourns Claire after they get word that the transplants were a success. Bonnie continues to warns Mimi of Shawn and Belle’s closeness as the former couple comforts each other. Marlena and John comfort their daughter and then share a close moment as he vows to help her get her memory back and to get their family through this trying time. Someone watches them at the hospital.

-Bo, Hope, Alice, Doug, Julie, Maggie, Caroline, Victor, and Jen all thank Shawn and Belle for giving permission to save JT and Zach. They insist it was the right thing. Shawn and Belle go up with everyone else to see JT and Zach. Belle and Shawn look at both boys and wish them well since Claire would want it that way and they now have parts of Claire in them. Bo and Hope share a close moment with their boys. The rest of the Horton’s and Brady’s gather around too and express their joy and happiness. Lexie cautions everyone that they need to wait to see if both transplants took but she believes they have. Billie and Kate note how Bo and Hope are getting along. Billie warns her mother not to suggest she break them up again but Kate says she has realized her mistakes and all their ill effects. She doesn’t know how she is going to deal with the person she is and what she has done. Billie and her plan a memorial for Chelsea. They tell Bo about it and he says he will be there. He is not sure if anyone else will. He goes back to Hope and Billie realizes that he is right-no one may not show up. She decides to have Chelsea’s service with Patrick’s which Bonnie protests too blaming Chelsea for Patrick’s death.. Kate offers to pay for the service (her and Billie are doing this because they know no one will show up for Chelsea so by combining both services some will come) and Bonnie then accepts. Billie and Kate leave the hospital to make the plans.

-Roman goes back to the station to monitor the search for Phillip. Bonnie hugs him and gives him a kiss on the cheek as he leaves, which makes him smile.

-Abe and Celeste bond over the good news about Zach. Lexie is happy too and notices the closeness between Abe and her mother. She wonder what that is about. Abe and Celeste leave the hospital and tell Bo and Hope to keep them updated on Zach and JT.

-Jennifer and Frankie are overjoyed about JT and Zach and sad about Claire. She confesses she is sick of all the doom and gloom around them. Frankie comforts her. Max and Abby talk about everything going on as she is clearly upset about all the tragedy too. He embraces her as they continue to grow closer.

-Alice, Doug, and Julie question Maggie about her nervous behavior. She insists she is fine and manages to get through the questions ok. Alice, Doug, and Julie still are suspicious and decide to work together to find out if more is going on with Maggie then they know. Maggie continues to have flashbacks of her drunken escapade and worries that she did hit Zach. She and Lucas don’t tell each other about the flashbacks or the evidence on his car he found. They decide not tell anyone right now about what happened with them until the crisis is completely over. Sami sees the two in cahoots and vows to learn what is up.

-Victor and Caroline embrace over the good news for Bo and Hope and the bad news for Shawn and Belle. She still insists that he keep his distance from her until her family gets through all this. He says he will try but knows that she needs him. He leaves as Caroline worries that somehow her secret will come out and destroy her family.


-Jen and Abby talk about their relationships with Frankie and Max, as Max and Frankie do the same. All four point out the history and Jen says she has no problem with Abby and Max’s closeness as Abby insists she and Max are only friends like her mother and Frankie. Abby notices her mom’s face and asks if there is more going on as Jen asks the same of Abby about Max. Jen says she loves Frankie but not like she loves Jack and she is not ready to move on yet. Abby tells her mom that if she ended up with Frankie she would be ok with it. She loves him and he was her father’s good friend. Jen hugs her as Frankie and Max return. Max and Abby grow closer during a walk in the park. She rides the swings as he pushes her. Jen and Frankie go home and try to make dinner. She ends up nearly burning the house down. They share another close moment.

-Jack and Greta are in Australia visiting a specialist. They have no luck. Greta once again tries to convince Jack to go home but he refuses. He decides he wants to have fu n now figuring he is dying and he should enjoy his time. They go out for dinner and dancing and win a dance contest. Their picture is taken and they don’t notice that one of the photographers is with Titan and is doing a spread on Australian fashions and culture. They both then go for a walk on the beach and have a water fight. They end swimming in the ocean and later building a sand castle, as they bond gets stronger.

-Bo and Hope are with their sons. Zach wakes up and screams for Hope. Lexie comes in and says she will take off the bandages to see if Zach has some vision. She warns him that he may have trouble seeing or it may be cloudy. He can see but its somewhat faded. Bo and Hope are elated. JT wakes up too as Bo and Hope finally reunite with him. They explain what happened to his dad and Barb and that they went to heaven and he is now gonna be with his other mommy and daddy now, Both boys are a little groggy and fall asleep. Bo and Hope are elated and hopeful for the future. She then remembers towards Bo and says they have a lot to work through. Bo agrees and both admit that a lot was said that maybe was wrong. They decide to wait until everything passes before working through everything and that they need to stay together right now for the family’s sake.

-Maggie continues to worry about her secret. Lexie sees her and asks if she is ok. Maggie lies and says she is but Lexie knows better and asks what is really going on. Maggie insists nothing is wrong and walks away. Sami is following her, which Lexie notices and asks what she is up too. Sami stares her down and walks away. Maggie and Lucas again vow to keep their secret, as both have flashbacks of their time drunk and of his the evidence he found. Sami promises to learn what is going. Lucas and Maggie see her as Lucas informs Maggie that Sami thinks something is up. She asks why she would think that as Lucas tells Maggie about his car having the same tire tracks as Phillip’s and being the same color. He has a broken head light too but doesn’t know if he had it prior to his and Maggie’s car colliding. He admits his flashbacks of hitting something, as she does the same, and both realize that they are both suspects in hitting Zach. It may not be Phillip at all-he may think he did it since he was drunk too. They both vow to keep this a secret and make sure Sami stays off their trail until they know for sure if one of them did it. Until then, they won’t tell anyone anything since they don’t know for sure. Sami sees this and stares at Lucas and Maggie slyly as they look back nervously, worried Sami won’t stop until she gets the goods.


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