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-A formerly dressed Mimi finds a note from Shawn to meet her on the roof. She does and sees that the whole roof has been made up to look like a Parisian restaurant like the one they shared their first kiss in. Shawn comes up behind them and they kiss. They then eat dinner, as romantic french music plays in the background, and dance. They dance to their song, Lifehouse’s “You and Me,” and he vows to be there for her always and for their baby. He says they are gonna be a family and its always been his dream to have his own. She says he always dreamed of it being with Belle but he says things change and now he loves her and wants to be with her.

-Meanwhile, Belle is in her loft and realizes she is now alone. Phillip is gone and Claire is dead. She begins to feel depressed and breaks down. Bonnie arrives and embraces her and says she feels bad for her. She apologizes for how mean she was but she only wants what is best for everyone and Mimi doesn’t need any stress. Belle forgives her and understands and vows that she won’t upset Mimi but adds that she will she her and Shawn since they will always be friends. Bonnie just cautions Belle not to get too close to Shawn given the circumstances. They hear the music from the roof and go up there. They observe what is going on through the door and overhears Shawn tell Mimi everything mentioned above and that he is through with Belle and Mimi is his future. He then gets down on one knee and asks Mimi to marry him. She says yes and they joyfully celebrate as Belle runs off in tears. Bonnie asks if she is ok and she says she just wants to be alone. Bonnie leaves and is clearly happy with the night’s events. Shawn later carried Mimi downstairs to their apartment and they make love carefully given her condition.

-Abe and Celeste talk about Lexie and are worried about her. Abe admits he still loves her but isn’t sure if he can give her another chance. They play with Theo and are growing closer as Celeste begins to have these strange feelings about her son-in-law. She then has a vision of kissing him and wonders what more the future holds and hopes that it doesn’t cost her Lexie.

-Lexie is at the mansion and is very comfortable. She is confidant that she will get Abe back and will be a family with Theo. She realizes that she can’t be a doormat or all sweet and nice to make that happen. She needs to toughen up a bit but not be all out evil and vindictive like she was before. Meanwhile, someone watches her from outside. Lexie feels someone watching her but thinks its her imagination. She goes up to bed and falls asleep. While she sleeps, we see the stalker’s gloved hand gently cress Lexie’s face lovingly and the person then leaves as Lexie jumps up, feeling like someone was just there but then lets it go and goes back to bed.

-John takes Marlena to the cinema as they begin her trip down memory lane to recover her memories of love for John. He has it closed off for just them and they are watching “Grease,” one of her favorite movies. They both dress up like John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. John says she dressed like that character several times. She has memories of being with him watching the movie in the same theater and of one of her birthdays where she was dressed like Sandra Dee. They watch the movie and dance to the songs. They almost share a kiss but are interrupted by a loud noise. It’s the person who has been stalking them, who is the same person who is stalking Lexie. John calms Marlena down when she thinks the worse and he vows to protect her and promises the worst is behind them. She just needs to stick with him and then she will get her memories of him back. They sit back down and snuggle, very happy with the progress they have made.

-Maggie comes to Lucas’s. They discuss their secret and Sami. She is worried. Lucas insists that they have to act normal and need to stop constantly meeting. It looks bad. Maggie starts to really lose it, citing that Sami never give up and once Sami finds out she will tell everyone and they will lose everything, including their family. Maggie then starts feverishly trashing Lucas’s apartment looking for alcohol. Lucas reminds Maggie of how things got this bad for them. Its was because they fell off the wagon. Maggie says she felt bad before that since Mickey and Shawn SR died because of her. Lucas insists that isn’t true and confesses he felt bad before drinking too since Austin has both Sami and Carrie and no one was giving him any attention. He was hurting too and no one was there for him and when he tried to be there for everyone else they wouldn’t let him. Will is gone, his mom is gone-he has no one. Maggie says he has her and that together they will get through this and fight the urge to drink as well. Maggie decides to leave and worries about how she will get through the funeral tomorrow. Lucas says he will be there and so will everyone else including those from out of town. She doesn’t know how she will face them. Lucas says that he and everyone else will help her. She leaves and he goes in the shower. Meanwhile, Sami was right outside the door listening to everything and is more determined then over to learn the rest of the truth. She believes the funeral tomorrow may make Maggie crack and blurt out everything. Sami plans on pursuing that and promises that she will do whatever it takes to find out everything. She then goes back to her place as the screen fades to black.

On the next Days..

Bo and Hope come together to mourn. The Horton’s worry about Maggie. Sami keeps her eyes on Lucas and Maggie while a mysterious stranger arrives in Salem but is this person really a stranger?

Tomarrow the funeral starts so I will start posting those episodes tomarrow. Finally starting to catch up so check back tomarrow and beyond because these next episodes will be big. I will also be using a shorter format since there will be many characters and I want to keep this short and not exhausting to read so expect the next 6-7 episodes to not be in as much detail as I usually make them. I want to make this easy to follow so enjoy and please do comment. If you want to know who is returnas for the funeral and who is playing them, please consult the funeral press releases. Thanks and keep reading!!!


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