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-Caroline is at the Brady Pub when Roman and Bonnie show up to pick her up for the church. She is shocked to see them together but Bonnie vows to be there for Roman since he was there for her during Patrick’s funeral and the train wreck it became. He thanks her for being with him for support as she thanks him for the same. Caroline privately worries that her tryst with Victor will be somehow revealed at the funeral. She hopes Victor doesn’t try anything.

-Jen, Frankie, Abby, and Max all show up at Maggie’s. Max and Frankie both vow to help Jen and Abby get through their uncle Mickey’s funeral as Jen and Abby vow the same support to them since Mickey was a good friend to Frankie and his boss and Shawn Sr was a father to them. They go inside where they find Alice, Doug, and Julie there as well. Everyone talks about their worries concerning Maggie’s behavior of late as Maggie is upstairs crying in bed about the recent events in her life. She looks at a picture of Mickey and continues to blame herself for the accident that claimed his life and Shawn Sr’s. She continues to wonder about her role in hitting Zach and questions whether she did more then just neglect him while babysitting drunk. Julie comes up and consoles her and tries to figure out what is going on with her. Maggie says it’s a tough day and she is in mourning. Julie tries to convince her that Mickey and Shawn Sr’s deaths were not her fault but Maggie just ushers her out so she can get ready. She begins to be tempted for a drink again. She calls Lucas who is feeling the same temptation after continuing to have flashbacks and worrying about night Zach was hit. They both talk each other out of drinking and promise to help each other through the service. A tearful Maggie gets dressed and comes downstairs where she is consoled by everyone there. Bo and Hope soon arrive and once again pledge to stand united and let their problems go for the day to help their families mourn. They need to be civil. They both console Maggie. Everyone then heads out for the church as Maggie stays silent most of the time while in tears as the Horton’s begin to get very worried about her.

-John and Marlena arrive at the church with Belle. Shawn and Mimi walk in and Belle is clearly jealous. Marlena reminds Belle that she needs to let Shawn go-at least for now so Mimi can have a peaceful pregnancy. Belle agrees but says Shawn should be with her today since its Claire’s funeral. Shawn and Mimi come over and announce their engagement, which is heard by Caroline, Roman, Bonnie, Bo, Hope, and all the Horton’s who have arrived for the funeral. Everyone is happy for them and talking about the wedding while also being consoling about Claire, which unnerves Belle. Bonnie reminds Belle once again to stay away from Shawn which prompts Marlena to step in to tell Bonnie to back off given Belle and Shawn are mourning their daughter today. John pulls her away as Marlena and Bonnie viciously look on each other. Marlena and John console the Brady’s as Caroline reminds John and Marlena that they will always be Brady’s. John walks up to Shawn Sr’s casket and shares a close moment with him and says goodbye. Marlena comforts him and says she is glad she got most of her memory back so she can remember Shawn Sr and all he meant to her. Someone continues to watch John and Marlena.

-Caroline and Maggie embrace. Caroline reminds Maggie that their husband’s deaths were not her fault as Maggie continues to remain silent causing worry by many at the church. Caroline sees Victor in the back of the church and reminds him to lay low. Roman sees him and picks a fight but Bo holds him back. Victor says that Mickey and Shawn Sr were good men and he wants to honor their memory. Roman backs off as Caroline warns Victor to keep a low profile. He tries to embrace her and she backs off. Victor insists on being there for her but Caroline tells him that if he ever loved her he will stay away from her until her family properly mourns. She admits fear concerning their secret coming out but Victor says it won’t and tells her not to worry. She leaves.

-At a bus station in Salem, we see a mysterious man who just got off a bus. He walks out of the station and into a waiting taxi. He tells the driver to head for St. Luke’s. There are some ladies he needs to see. The cab then drives off.

-Sami, Carrie, Austin, and Lucas arrive with Billie. Billie’s presence doesn’t go over well but she tells Hope and everyone else she is there to support the Brady’s and Horton’s who have always been good to her. She also says that she cared a good deal for Claire, whom she believed was her niece. She sits in the back with Victor. Carrie and Sami console Caroline and Roman and then make their way down the line of people as Austin notices a worried Lucas starting to shake. He is flashing back to the night he fell off the wagon and Austin asks what is wrong. He lies and walks away. Austin also tries to get through to Carrie again but she continues to avoid him and tells him she doesn’t want to see him. Sami approaches Maggie and once again grills her about the secret Lucas and her are keeping. She is surprised when Maggie doesn’t say a word and just stares at the caskets at the front of the room. She then slowly walks over to them. She then starts to grill Lucas but he tells her to back off as Sami grows increasingly suspicious. Nicole then arrives, back from LA, and sits with Austin and Sami. She claims the Brady’s and Horton’s never really did her wrong and she needs to be there since Eric and her were close. She tells them both she knows who the CEO of Highstyle is and she will tell them at the reception after the funeral. Abe and Celeste arrive to with Lexie following them. Lexie tries to sit with Abe but he sits with Celeste in a pew that can only fit them in it. Lexie sits near Bo and Hope and is unnerved by her husband’s closeness to her mother. Shawn and Mimi sit with Belle in one of the front pews. Belle asks Shawn if it may be best for it to be just the two of them sitting together since they were Claire’s parents but he says that Mimi was her godmother and has a right to sit with them. Belle agrees reluctantly as Mimi and Shawn hold hands. Maggie sits with Alice, Doug, and Julie as she continues to stare at the caskets. She gets up and walks slowly to Mickey and Shawn Sr’s and lets out a blood curdling scream and begins to lash out while pounding on the ground screaming that its all her fault. She then begins to visualize blood on her hands and starts to hear the voices of everyone in the room blaming her for sending Shawn Sr and Mickey out into the storm. She then hears people blaming her for not taking care of Zach and she imagines herself being the one who hit Zach. Doug and Lucas try to console her an pick her up but she gets hysterical and runs out of the church as everyone in the church looks on, including Sami who is more suspicious then ever as the screen fades to black.


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