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-The vigil for Claire continues as Kate, Billie, Carrie, Sami, Austin, Mimi, and Marlena all support Shawn and Belle as Claire continues to fight for survival. Sami and Kate almost go at it over why she is there but Kate says that no matter what her and her family still care about Claire. Kate seethes as Austin comforts Sami. Carrie continues to avoid Austin prompting Marlena and Kate to inquire why. Carrie says she has her reasons as Kate begs Carrie to go back to Austin so that he don’t end up with Sami. Carrie says that Sami and Austin should be together because they deserve each other and she tells Kate to mind her own business. Marlena reminds Kate to do the same as Kate asks Marlena if they are no longer friends. Marlena says that she is always forgiving but given that Kate has no remorse for her actions she can’t forgive her. She walks away as Kate says that she has lost the respect of her children and what little friends she had. Billie suggests that maybe Kate should so everyone the vulnerable side that she exposed in front of her and to Belle earlier when comforting her and looking past their differences. Kate says that would make her look weak and she promised herself to never be weak again after everything she went through in her past. Billie and her continue to worry about Phillip. The doctors then decide to take Claire up for tests to see how worse her condition has gotten and whether its too late to save her. They have a specialist upstairs to look at her. Mimi comforts Shawn as Marlena comforts Belle. While waiting for word, they all decide to join the others holding vigil for JT.

-Lucas and Maggie continue to help comfort each other as they are sobering up. Lucas tries to get Maggie to realize she is not at fault for what happened as Maggie tries to convince Lucas he isn’t alone. They both realize that the hurt they are going through is excruciating and wonder if maybe drinking is the only way they can get through it. They sit at the table in Maggie’s kitchen and ponder that thought.

-Phillip is driving and trying to remember what transpired earlier that night since he is sobering up. He is now outside of Salem and in the country. He says goodbye to Salem and vows that when he returns he will have his revenge and will be a force to be reckoned with, more so then his father in the past.

-Julie and Doug return to join Alice, Bonnie, Roman, Abe, Celeste, Caroline, Jen, Frankie, Max, Abby, Victor, Bo, and Hope. They inform everyone of what happened to their car and everyone informs them about Zach. Bo comforts Hope as she realizes she may now lose two sons. She signs the permission forms for surgery. Lexie is grabbed by Abe who reminds her of her connection to Zach. Lexie insists she can do it and vows not to lose someone else in her life. Marlena, Billie, Kate, Belle, Mimi, Shawn, Carrie, Sami, and Austin all arrive to join the others and give them an update on Claire. Everyone can’t believe all the tragedy lately. Everyone is mad that Billie and Kate are there but Alice insists that its not a time for fighting. Bonnie sees Belle reach out to Shawn but then pull back and is pleased and smiles. Marlena notices this and asks Bonnie what is going on. Bonnie reminds Marlena of her daughter’s promise. Marlena warns Bonnie not to interfere with her children and cites what Kate has done and its results. Marlena also informs Bonnie that if she messes with her daughter in anyway she will have to deal with her. Sami and Carrie overhear and make the same vow. Bonnie walks away as Sami, Carrie, and Marlena all agree on hoping Roman doesn’t get too close to Bonnie. Bonnie comforts Roman after he notices Victor and Caroline in an embrace again. Caroline reminds Victor of his promise as Victor says that she needs him whether she likes it or not. We see Lexie in surgery as she begs her “Isaac” to fight. The other surgeons asks her to leave due to her involvement but she insists to stay. Some of the machines start going off as Lexie says to herself, “Oh God-Isaac NO!!!” Bo comforts Hope as she notices Billie and Kate. The three then get into a fight about Chelsea and so on, which is stopped by Alice. Hope again blames Bo too but Bo reminds Hope of what is going on and that they need each other. They agree to let it go given what is going on. Shawn joins them as they all hold on to each other as Lexie joins them. She says that Zach is in critical condition and may or may not make it and, even if he does, may have brain damage as a result. Hope breaks down as Bo holds her and Shawn, who is also comforted by Mimi. All present is stunned and sad about Zach, Kate privately comments to Billie on how maybe Zach or JT dying could save Claire. Sami hears this and rips into Kate, prompting Hope to do the same. Bo breaks up the fight and tells everyone to cool it and that things are bad enough. Lexie says that she will let them know when they can see Zach. The police show up and announce, after Roman asks, what they have discovered at the accident scene. They have a witness who said that three cars went by and they were all 3 out of control. The officers say that they found fragments of a headlight at the scene and have tire tracks. They also discovered that the car that hit Zack sideswiped a car parked near the street. It had green paint. Bo and Hope ask if they have any leads on the driver. They say they do. The paint, tire tracks, and the description of one of the 3 cars by the witness all helped them but it was a car theft at the hospital that really was their big break. Julie is shocked and asks if her car was what hit Zach. The cops say they believe so and they have another witness who just called in and said a car pulled over three blocks from the scene and seemed to be looking at the front end of the car and seemed disoriented and drunk. They claim how lucky they were that Bo and Hope’s neighborhood was a neighborhood watch community otherwise this would have never came together so quickly. That couples with the fact that the car was stolen and reported stolen by the hospital made all this easy to put together quickly. Bo and Hope are stunned it was a drunk driver and that it was Julie’s stolen car. They want to know who the driver is. The officers got a vague description from the witness who saw the driver out of his car when he pulled over but the hospital cameras supported that description and gave them what they needed. Hope asks who they driver was. The officer says all the evidence points too Phillip Kiriakis. Everyone is stunned, including Victor and Kate. Bo and Hope look on in horror as the screen fades on them and goes to black.

On the next Days....

Lucas and Maggie each have confusing memory flashes. The search for Phillip begins. The tension builds between Billie, Hope, and Kate.


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Thanks Drew-I hate that I got

so behind but everything I had that

was completed already and saved got

erased and I have been working overtime

lately so I am doing my best. I assure

you and all the readers that everything will be

caught up by Monday. I will be posting updates

on casting and February Previews. There will

be funerals for all the deaths this month too

and some fan faves will return for this even and

one will stick around. There is alos another surprise

return too. Keep reading during the weekend

because I am going to be posting everything up

so that the updates are done by Monday night so that

Tuesday will be on time from now on. Thanks

for the patience and understanding and keep


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