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1/19/05 (I am really sorry these are really behind. I am using a new format now and things will be much shorter. I realize its very hard for people to read these when they are so long so now they will be rather brief unless something huge happens. Thanks for reading and I hope you read all the episodes I am posting over the next few days-I am gonna catch up big time so by at least the end of the weekend the episodes will be up to date and there will be updated casting news and February Sweeps previews. Thanks for your patience and keep reading and commenting!!!

-Alice, Doug, Julie, Caroline, Abe, Celeste, Bo, Hope, Jen, Frankie, Max, Abby, Roman, Victor, and Bonnie all are outside Zach’s room. Hope goes inside to pray for a miracle as the doctors still haven’t found a heart yet. Bo still feels guilty and can’t help but notice all the stares from those around him. He is very uncomfortable and wonders how Hope and him will make it if JT dies.

-Marlena, Carrie, Sami, Austin, Shawn, Kate, Billie, Mimi, and Belle all wait outside of Claire’s room and comfort Belle and Shawn. They all are praying for a miracle. Fr. Jansen gives Claire last rites as Shawn comforts her making Mimi and Kate seethe. Bonnie reminds Belle of her promise as Belle, from that point on, avoids Shawn.

-Lucas and Maggie are both still drunk and disoriented (but are getting more lucid) and driving out of control and fast. Their cars soon collide as she is coming around a corner while he doesn’t stop at the corner. They ask the other what they are doing and discover that they are both drunk and can’t really remember the last few hours. Lucas admits he was suicidal and that wakes Maggie up a bit. They both can’t believe what they have become. She and Lucas both move their cars to the side of the road and she suggests they walks back to her house, since it isn’t far, and help each other through this. They go back as Lucas breaks down and tells Maggie how alone he feels. Maggie does the same and admits her guilt over Mickey and Shawn Sr’s death. They both promise to get through this together.

-Phillip is driving drunk and disoriented as well (but his condition is improving. He pulls over because he has finally noticed his headlight is busted. He notices something odd on the headlight and wonders what it is. He touches it with his finger and has a stunned look on his face. He looks confused and wonders how it could’ve gotten there. He realizes he can’t remember a whole lots from the last few hours. He decides he doesn’t want to know what happened and whether what is on the light is what he thinks it is. He needs to leave now before he is caught and forced to stay and gets in hot water for stealing the car he stole from the hospital, even though he is a Kiriakis and can get himself out of it. He gets in the car and drives away.

-Julie feels cold and goes back to the car to get her sweater. She is stunned when her car is not where it was when they parked. She calls Doug to get down there and he confirms that they were parked there and now the car is gone. They inform security who begins to look into it.

-Lexie leaves the Dimera Mansion and decides to go see a movie. She needs to get her mind off her problems and since she can’t do anything about Abe right now since he needs time to work through everything, she needs to get out. The Dimera chauffeur offered to take her but she wanted to drive herself and be alone for awhile to think and maybe come up with ways to get what she wants back. As she is driving, she decides to take a short cut. She is going down the street near Bo and Hope’s and comments to herself on the fact that they aren’t home. She sees something in the road ahead and stops. She doesn’t know what it is and decides to back up and drive around it. She does and as she is driving away she looks into her rear view mirror and quickly stops. She thinks it’s a person. She backs up and gets out and discovers Zach’s limp body on the road, She realizes he may have head trauma and spine trauma so she gently examines him and is forced to give him CPR. She calls an ambulance right away and keeps him alive until they come. Once they arrive, she decides to ride with them and quickly pulls her car into Bo and Hope’s driveway while they ready Zach and then jumps in the ambulance. The arrive at the hospital and another doctor goes into the ER with Zach. Lexie wants to be in there too but one of the nurses said it would be wrong due to her connection to him. Lexie insists and she is let in to work on Zach. They realize he needs to go to surgery and they need permission. Lexie rushes off to tell Hope and Bo, whom the nurse says are already in the hospital.

-Hope is all alone in JT’s room with everyone outside when Lexie arrives. Everyone is stunned to see her there, including Abe and Celeste, and once she sees Hope she makes a beeline for her and completely misses Bo. Hope asks her what is going on and wonders if a heart was found. Lexie tells Hope what happened as Hope breaks down and shrieks, “NO!!!!!!!” as the screen freeze frames on her screaming and then goes to black.


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