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1/18/05 (starting today the episodes will be much shorter except when something big happens or I need to explain character motives or something like that. I am sorry these keep getting later and later but its been busy lately. Everything will be up to date by Sunday and I will post some casting news and notes. Thanks for reading and please do comment so I know I am doing ok or not.)

-Kate is on her way in to the hospital when she runs into Billie. Billie breaks down in her mother’s arms as Kate says it looks like she is returning the favor since Billie comforted her last night. Billie tells her mom everything and Kate says that no one has the right to blame Chelsea and her and Bo. Its something that happened and Chelsea is not at fault. Kate feels bad that Billie will never get a full chance at being a mother since you always make mistakes but learn as you go along. Kate says Billie must feel like she did when she thought Austin and Billie were dead. Billie says that her and Bo made too many mistakes and says that Hope an everyone else is right: Chelsea got away with everything and its their fault for spoiling her. She tells her mother that she should have stopped her from giving Chelsea everything as Kate realizes that it was a mistake but she loved her granddaughter and wanted to show it since she missed out on so much. Billie says her and Bo felt the same and that blinded them all and now look what has happened. Kate is about to go inside and defend Chelsea but Billie tells her not too. There is already enough going on and there doesn’t need to be anymore trouble. They both agree to on in the hospital and check on Claire and stay away from everyone else.

-Belle is singing lullabies to Claire and is daydreaming about being with Shawn and their baby. She vows to make her dream come true. She is shocked when Kate and Billie show up. Belle reminds Kate that she has nothing to say to her after what she did as Kate tells Belle that its not the time to rehash everything. Even though Claire isn’t Phillip’s, the family grew to care for Claire and wanted to make sure she was alright. Belle is stunned but wants to know why Kate would still care for Shawn’s daughter as Billie defends her mom and says that they do really care about Claire and know that Phillip does still too. Belle tells them about Phillip’s visit and Mimi’s pregnancy. Kate wonders if maybe Phillip will win after all since he is still married to Belle and Mimi is having Shawn’s baby. She decides not to interfere though since every time she did in the past her children got hurt. Kate blames Bell for Phillip’s pain as Bell points the finger back at Kate and her interference as Kate flashes back to when she realized how her actions for hurting her children and to Billie putting some of the blame on her for spoiling Chelsea. Billie asks her if she is ok as Kate doesn’t respond and her eyes start to well up with tears as she is realizing more and more what her actions have done. Claire’s machines then go berserk as Belle begins to panic. A doctor and nurse examine Claire and give Belle the news that she is failing fast and needs a liver now. He warns Belle that it may be all ready too late. Belle breaks down as Billie decides that Shawn needs to be told and goes after him. Kate sees Belle crying and embraces her and comforts her. She says the past needs to be forgotten right now so that they can hope and pray for Claire, who she still loves and cares about. Belle agrees and thanks Kate and comments on how nice it is to see Kate act like a real caring human being and like a real mother figure. Kate smiles and thanks Belle as they look in on Claire.

Carrie, Sami, Austin, Victor, Abe, Celeste, Bonnie, and Marlena all join the Brady’s and Horton’s in the chapel as Fr. Jansen is there and thinks it’s a good idea for everyone to gather to pray for Claire, John, and Zach. Marlena says that Belle didn’t want to leave Claire so she won’t be joining them. Victor comforts Caroline, which Roman spies and makes him angry but Bonnie calms him and comforts him. Caroline reminds Victor of his promise to stay away from her for now. He just wants to be there for her as Caroline asks him to keep his distance again. Austin is stunned when Carrie sits over with Caroline instead of him. Sami says it nothing but she along with Austin wonders what is going on with her. Max and Abby continue to comfort each other over Chelsea and everything going on, as do Frankie and jen. Alice, Doug, and Julie sit together as Marlena sits with them. Roman sits with Bonnie, who holds his hand. Mimi arrives and sits with Shawn. She tells him the doctor said she needs to take it easy but that she can now leave the hospital. He holds her as they comfort each other. Abe and Celeste sit near Bo and Hope as Celeste grasps Abe’s hand as he thanks her for her support. He tells her she can go to Lexie too as Celeste tells Abe that she feels Alexandra is doing fine on her own and if she needs her she will call. Besides, they just saw each other this morning when she left the house. She will check in on her later. They comfort each other. Bo and Hope sit next to each other and are very cold towards each other. Finally, as the prayer service progresses, Bo takes Hope’s hand as she breaks down in his arms begging God to spare JT and to help Claire and John. She then hears Bo pray that Chelsea rest in peace and she gives him a angry look but decides its not the time to fight. The service then ends after everyone has a moment of silent prayer while holding hands. Billie then arrives which angers Hope. Bo holds her back as everyone is stunned that she would show up given what is happening. Billie informs everyone about Claire as Hope tells Shawn to go since that is his daughter. He says he will check in on JT every hour. Mimi goes with him and tells Bonnie she will check in later. Billie then turns and leaves to go back to Kate as Hope tells her to stay away from her family and her husband. Billie turns around and looks at Hope as Hope realizes Billie has admitted to herself that everyone is right about Chelsea and what made her the way she was. She calls Billie on that as Billie tells her that its not the time and place to go over that. Bo tells Hope to calm down but Hope tells Bo that if Billie has realized it its time for him to do so too and to admit to himself the mistakes he made. He asks Hope what she wants from him and says he knows he screwed up with Chelsea but that doesn’t mean she is too blame for everything. Just as Hope is about to answer, JT’s doctor comes in and says that he has taken a turn for the worse. If he doesn’t get a heart soon, he will die. Hope breaks down in Bo’s arms as everyone else comforts each other.

A drunk Phillip is driving out of town in the car he stole. He is sure no one will find him until he is ready and then he will come back and get his revenge. His car is swerving as he drives quickly through the quiet neighborhood streets near Bo and Hope’s house. Lucas is drunk as well and is driving through some quiet streets, intent on ending it all and committing suicide. He remembers there being a ravine on the outskirts of the neighborhood he is driving through and decides to just crash his car off it and down the ravine and into the river. He knows its close to Bo and Hope’s but he is sure no one will be able to stop him. His swerving car drives furiously through the streets. Maggie, who is badly drunk and disoriented, is driving furiously to find Zach. She wonders if maybe he wandered him since he does know the way and used to walk home with his friend and his friend’s mother from pre-school. She heads toward the house with her car swerving back and forth and out of control like Lucas’ and Phillip’s. Zach is wandering the streets and we see him jump and get scared with every sound he hears (even crickets). He ends up across the street from his house and starts to cross when his handmade friendship bracelet that Marcus Morrison gave him falls off his wrist and into the road. He goes back to get it just as a swearing, speeding, out of control car heads towards him. He tries to get out of the way but the car swerves with him and hits him. He ends up on the side of the street, clutching the bracelet. The driver does stop at the stop sign (we don’t see the person and can’t make out the car due to the dark) but after a few moments the car drives off continuing to speed and swerve as we hear the car driving off as the camera pans on Zach laying on the street. The screen then fades to white and then to black.

On the Next Days...

Julie makes a shocking discovery. Two cars collide. Lexie can’t believe her eyes. Hope gets more bad news.


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