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-Belle is with Claire in the ICU when she sees Phillip outside. He was brought there because he was injured in a bar fight last night and sustained a concussion and several bruises and cuts. The police let him off with a warning because of who he is. Belle tries to help him and apologizes again but Phillip lashes out at her again and says he will never believe her or anyone else again. He is down being the nice guy since they always finish last. Belle is shocked to discover Phillip is still drinking and has a bottle of liquor on him. She warns him that she won’t let him near Claire with that but Phillip doesn’t care. He wants nothing to do with the spawn of Shawn and her. Belle refuses to believe that and believes Phillip will always love Claire. She tells Phillip that he can be her godfather now. Phillip tears into her and says that he always finishes last. He did for Chloe and now for her and Claire. He runs off as Belle goes back in to be with Claire and vows to help Phillip get past this and to get Shawn back once Mimi has the baby.

-Mimi is fantasizing about Shawn and her baby in her room. She then has a nightmare and screams out that she can’t lose her baby because then she will lose Shawn. Phillip is walking by when he hears this and says that Mimi will lose Shawn just like he lost Belle because those two will never get over each other and him and Mimi always finish last. Mimi tries to help Phillip too but he won’t have it. He said he knows no one cares as she denies that. He says he will never be the nice guy again. Mimi is stunned to find out he was in a fight and that he is still drunk. She tries once more to get through to him but he ignores her pleas. He warns her to get out Shawn’s life now before she ends up like him. Mimi tells Phillip she is pregnant. Phillip is stunned and says that she may have a shot but still likely won’t beat Belle for Shawn’s heart. Mimi reminds Phillip that he is still married to Belle and she can’t do anything until she divorces him. Phillip looks intrigued and wonders if maybe he can use that to get his revenge on those that hurt him. Its time that he embrace his Kiriakis name and stop being a doormat. He remembers what his father was like in his past and decides that is the way to go to get what he wants. He leaves as Mimi continues to worry about the baby and losing Shawn. Phillip ends up outside and drinking some more. He decides that he needs to get out of Salem for awhile to think everything over so that when he returns he can have a new life and everyone will see the “new” Phillip. He will then gets his revenge. He can’t go home and get a car because someone will find out he took one and left and he can’t travel by plane, train, or bus because someone will find out. He wants to leave and doesn’t want anyone to know he did or where he is, figuring no one cares anyway but still. He sees a car in the lot and figures he can just use his Kiriakis name and influence to get out of trouble like his dad. He starts to wonder why he didn’t think if that sooner. He breaks the window of the passenger seat and climbs in. He remembers learning how to hotwire a car and does so. He takes off in the car, still intoxicated and continuing to drink since he could care less what happens or if he is caught since he can always find a way out due to who he is.

-Billie runs outside in tears. She flashes back to the many times Bo, her, and Kate gave into Chelsea and to the dispute over whether she should go with Patrick on the trip that happened between her, Hope, and Bo. She keeps hearing the words of Hope and all the others blaming Chelsea and realizes they are all right. She was a horrible mother while she had the chance and Chelsea would have been better off never finding out who her parents really were. She breaks down in tears wondering how she will ever get over this and how she will ever live with dealing with the anger and rage everyone feels towards her daughter and how she was raised.

-Bo decides to stay with Hope. Hope acts shocked and so does everyone else (Alice, Doug, Julie, Shawn, Caroline, Roman, Jen, Frankie, Max, and Abby are all there still). They start arguing again over Chelsea and Billie as Hope claims he only chose to be with her because he felt he had to. The Reiber’s attorney comes in and introduces himself as John Lockran. Frankie introduces himself as the Brady’s attorney. He is a little appalled at all the arguing and tension and says he isn’t sure if this is the right atmosphere for a child. Hope asks if that means that JT is being returned to Bo and her. He urges her to bare with him and thanks them for being there and gets right to the point. He explains how the Reiber’s had a will made up and how there little boy, Greg, would be raised by some cousins of theirs in Nevada. However, they did not want anyone in his family raising JT. They knew he had another family and they wanted JT to be with the Brady’s so it is there wish that should he survive he returns to Bo and Hope Brady. Everyone rejoices and hugs each other. Bo and Hope hug but the tension is still there. Frankie goes outside with Mr. Lockran to work out the details and paperwork. Just then, JT’s machines go berserk and the doctor and nurses rush in and push everyone out. Hope lashes out at Bo and says if JT dies just when they got him back its on his daughter’s head and on his and Billie’s. Bo is appalled by this again but keeps quiet. The doctor comes out and informs Bo and Hope that they think JT may need a new heart. His current one from birth is far to damaged and his recent accident has put lots of stress on it and caused more damage. Hope is devastated and again looks at Bo. The doctor goes to run more tests but is sure in his diagnosis. They will begin to look for donors right away. Frankie comes out and says he has some papers for them to sign. Hope signs them and looks at Bo, who signs as well. He tells Hope that this is good for the family as Hope warns him that if JT dies he knows who is too blame. Max and Abby comfort each other and are horrified thinking that Chelsea played a large part in all this pain and suffering. Alice, Doug, and Julie comfort each other as do Jen and Frankie as she thanks him for helping Bo and Hope. He vows to be there for his family and for her. They hug. Roman comforts Caroline who believes Shawn is watching over the family and that everything will be ok. Shawn embraces his mother and decides to tell her and everyone else the good news figuring they may need it right now while they wait. Mimi is having his baby. The family is happy for him and think this is a sign that things will be alright. The doctor returns and says they are sure that JT needs a new heart and soon or he won’t make it. Hope breaks down while staring at Bo as Bo looks on guiltily.

-Lucas continues getting hammered and his depression is getting worse. He keeps on remembering all he has lost and the loneliness he feels. He wonders if anyone would miss him if he was gone and decides that maybe that is the way to go. He knows Will would but even he is MIA and, since he always loses and is abandoned by everyone he loves and cares about, he most likely won’t be back. Its just the way his life has been. He wishes he had died in that fire nearly 5 years ago. He snaps out of this a little and decides to call Maggie but no one answers (Maggie is ignoring it and is passed out while Zach tries to wake her but fails). He says that now no one is here for him and even admits his surprise that Alice hasn’t been around for him or even called to check on him. He goes back to drinking and his suicidal thoughts get intense. He drinks the rest of the bottle of beer he bought off the neighbors, along with the other liquor he drank, and takes his keys and leaves. He gets in his car and decides that he has nothing to lose now and that its all over for him. He just needs to find the perfect place to go away for good so no one can stop him. It doesn’t even matter that he is drunk and behind a wheel. He drives off in the car looking for a place to end it all.

-Maggie is at home drinking still when the doorbell rings. She tries to ignore it but it doesn’t go away. She decides to answer it to get rid of the person. Its Mrs. Morrison and Zach. She has a family emergency and needs to leave Zach with her. She apologizes since she knows Maggie is having a rough time but no one else that Hope mentioned as people who could take Zach in emergencies are around and she did try calling Maggie but no one picked up. She notices Maggie’s disheveled look smells the alcohol. She asks if Maggie is drunk. Maggie insists that she isn’t (not wanting anyone to know what she is doing) and that she got so upset about Mickey that she knocked over a bunch of liquor bottles and got it all over her. She says she would never throw away her sobriety. Maggie tries to get out of taking Zach but Mrs. Morrison is in a hurry and thanks Maggie and apologizes again but she really needs to go and its too far to take him to be with Hope at the hospital and no one else in the area is around. She leaves. Zach notices something is wrong with Maggie and asks if she is ok. She ignores him as a sad Zach asks if she wants to play gold fish. She still ignores him and finally puts the TV on in the living room and tells him to just sit down and watch cartoons. She goes back to drinking and convinces herself Zach is old enough to watch himself. She then passes out (this is where Lucas calls and gets no answer even though Zach tries to wake Maggie up to answer but she doesn’t get up) and has a visit from Mickey in a dream. He is disappointed in her for falling off the wagon and tells her not to blame herself. Maggie does though and says she needs to be punished and to deal with the pain and drinking does both those things. He tells her he loves her and that they will be together someday but the woman she is being right now is not his Maggie. Meanwhile, after the phone stops ringing from Lucas’s call, Zach wonders of Maggie is sleeping and that is why she didn’t hear the phone. He is bored and wants to play and then starts getting scared when Maggie still doesn’t get up. He wants his mon and dad so he decides to find them and says he knows the way home. He will just go there and wait for them and tell them to help Maggie, who he thinks is “sick” since she won’t wake up. He opens the door (which Maggie left unlocked) and walks out. In her dream, Mickey tells Maggie that the woman he loved wouldn’t be so irresponsible with Zach and wouldn’t just ignore him and stick him in a room to watch cartoons. Maggie begins to realize she is wrong and Mickey begins to fade in her dream. He says they will meet again and begs her to be the woman he loves again. She then slowly wakes up but is still out of it and quite drunk. She is very dizzy and gets up. She keeps saying that Mickey is right and she needs to stop what she is doing. It wasn’t her fault and she needs to stop drinking to punish herself and get over everything. Someone else could get hurt, like Zach. She goes to check on him and panics when she can’t find him anywhere. She checks inside and outside and figures he left the house since she left the doors unlocked. She is still very drunk and disoriented but decides she needs to find Zach so he doesn’t get hurt and so no one learns about her actions but more so to protect Zach. She gets in her car, figuring it’s the quickest way to find him and her drunkenness is making her real shaky and panicky. She pulls out and drives off to search for him as we notice her car swerving while going down her street as the screen fades to black.

On the next Days...

Another tragic accident occurs and leads to a huge mystery. Claire’s health begins to decline rapidly. The Brady’s and Horton’s band together and pray for a miracle for JT as Bo hopes one happens to save his marriage and family. Kate comforts Billie.


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