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-Marlena is by John’s bedside. Roman arrives and they discuss John’s condition. Marlena worries that John and her will never be together and she will never get her memories back of him if he doesn’t wake up. Roman comforts her. Belle arrives and Roman tells Marlena that if she needs anything he is there for her. He leaves. Belle and Marlena both talk about John and his condition. Marlena reassures Belle that everything will be ok and that Claire will be ok too. Belle tells her mother about Mimi being pregnant and how she needs to avoid being close with Shawn since Mimi has such a difficult condition. Marlena says that Belle is doing the right thing and that maybe she is not meant to be with Shawn. Belle wonders that herself given everything that has happened. She leaves to be with Claire and, while with her, promises Claire that once Mimi has the baby she will be back with her daddy. She is sure they are meant to be and since they have her they will always be connected. She feels that connection, bond, and love is one that can never be broken and that it isn’t as strong as Mimi’s with Shawn. She vows to not give up and to hang in there until the Mimi issue is resolved. Meanwhile, Marlena is in John’s room sleeping as someone watches her from outside the room in a lab coat. A nurse shows up and the person gets scared off. The nurse puts a blanket on Marlena and leaves as the person once again walks by the room and stares in at Marlena and then walks off.

-Roman bumps into Bonnie at the hospital. She admits that she saw him in Marlena’s room. He says he will always love and care about Marlena. She understands and admits that it is that kind of devotion and loving nature that attracts her to him. Roman is flattered and says that it is her fun-loving personality and the caring, emotional side of her that makes him attracted to her. He thanks her for everything she has down for him as she does the same but says that she wishes that he would talk to her about everything that has happened and let everything he is holding back out. Roman warns her again to stop trying to get him to be some sort of wimp and make him break down. That isn’t him and he needs to be the rock his family needs to get through this. Bonnie agrees once again to back off, noticing how agitated Roman is getting. Roman then gets a call. Its Bo and he tells Roman that the search for Chelsea and Patrick has been called off. Roman then tells Bonnie who breaks down in his arms and wonders how she will tell Connor and Mimi. She is afraid to tell Mimi but Roman warns her that if she waits it will hurt more. They go to Mimi’s room together.

-Shawn and Mimi are talking about their baby in her room. They both have fantasies of getting married and being with their child. Shawn admits he used to have those dreams with Belle in them and admits that he was thinking of that recently with him being Claire’s father. He reassures Mimi again that he is devoted to her and will be there for her for everything. Mimi asks him what he will do once the baby is born. Before Shawn can answer, Bonnie and Roman arrive. Bonnie urges Mimi to be calm for her baby and then gives her the news about Patrick. Roman tells Shawn about Chelsea but Shawn doesn’t even care. He says he barely knew her and from what he did know of her he didn’t like her. Mimi and Bonnie comfort each other as Bonnie says she is proud of Mimi for being so strong. Mimi says she knew there was little hope but at least now Patrick is at peace. She laments that he would have been a great uncle. Bonnie agrees and says that she will miss him. Roman comforts her as Shawn comforts Mimi. Mimi urges Shawn to go be with his family right now. Even though he didn’t like Chelsea, his father will need him and his mother will too given what is happening with JT. He is reluctant but agrees. He asks if he can tell his parents about the baby since they could use the good news. Mimi agrees to let him since it will make everyone so happy. Roman decides to go with him as Bonnie stays with Mimi. She tells her that everything will be ok now and that she has won Shawn.. Mimi still feels bad about Patrick but Bonnie just urges Mimi to be happy and that if she makes sure she is, he will be happy too. She leaves to go tell Connor what happened as Mimi tells herself that Patrick is watching over her and that he will make sure everything works out for her.

-Carrie is walking through the park. She comments on how shocked she was that she got the interview so fast and the job. She thinks its because of her relation to the CEO even though she didn’t want any special treatment and didn’t want anyone she knows to know. She then decides to call someone and let them know. She calls Marlena and asks how John is doing. She fills her in (this happens before she goes to sleep by the way) and then Carrie tells her about her company being taken over. Figuring the truth will come out anyway, she tells Marlena Austin was behind it and about Lucas knowing about it too. Marlena is shocked but Carrie says that he has changed and that she doesn’t care anymore. She is starting fresh and has moved in with Caroline until she is on her feet. She tells her she just got a new job. Marlena is shocked when she says its at Basic Black. Carrie informs Marlena that while Kate and John are out of the office, the Human Resource manager took her call and brought her in immediately for an interview. She figures it was because of who she was even though he said it was due to her experience. Marlena is happy for her and urges Carrie to call or talk to her whenever she needs her. She says that John will be real happy. The hangup as Carrie says that there will be no more looking back. From now on, she is looking forward without Austin, Mike, or Lucas. In LA, Nicole is at HighStyle as all the employees are beginning to pack up and move out. Nicole is drinking champaigne and is a little drunk. She is bashing the CEO and the employees for their lackluster performance and blames that as the reason why they are all out of jobs. Nicole then looks on a desk and can’t believe what she finds. It’s a picture of Austin. Nicole looks under all the paperwork and finally learns the truth-that Carrie is the CEO. Meanwhile, Sami and Austin return home and await word from Nicole in LA. Sami continues to wonder what is going on with Carrie, as does Austin. The both remember that she has been upset since getting that call just before midnight at the New Year’s party. They wonder who was on the phone and what the call was about. They then get a call from Nicole but there is a lot of static. Nicole tells them that the takeover is almost complete and that she now knows who the CEO is and they won’t believe it. The phone then goes dead as Nicole is about to them. She calls again but they continue to have issues so Nicole decides to just tell Austin when she gets back, deciding that she wants to be there to tell him since it will take Carrie out of the fight for Austin’s heart just like Lucas said it would on New Year’s. Austin agrees and they both agree to see each other when she gets back and the takeover is final. The hangup as Nicole is full of glee now that Carrie will be out of the way. All she has to do is get rid of Sami and Austin is hers and says that now Sami and her won’t need to team up to get rid of Carrie. Sami and Austin are disappointed they couldn’t hear what Nicole was saying but they will find out when she gets back. They both continue to wonder who the CEO is that did such a bad job and why Carrie is acting so strange, not realizing that both are connected.

-Lucas is in his apartment and his drinking is out of control. He keeps reminding himself of everything that he has lost in his life and all the bad things that have happened to him. He feels lonely and like an outsider and just can’t take it. He is about to call Maggie to help him deal with falling off the wagon but decides not to and goes back to drinking. Meanwhile, Maggie continues her downward spiral and is drinking at a rapid pace. She keeps blaming herself for Mickey’s and Shawn’s death and telling herself that she is serving her punishment and dealing with her pain and shame the only way she can. She considers calling Lucas for help to try to stop her since she is too weak and in too much pain to do so herself but doesn’t and returns to drinking.

-Hope is in JT’s room. Jen, Alice, Doug, Julie, and now Frankie (he is serving as Hope’s lawyer for when the Reiber’s attorney arrives) and Caroline are there. Caroline heard what was going on and wanted to be there for Hope. She was also lonely at the pub. They all say a group prayer once again for JT. Bo and Billie arrive at the hospital. Billie thinks she should go but Bo says he doesn’t want her alone given everything that has happened. She breaks down in his arms again as Bo comforts her. Billie blames herself for sending both Patrick and Chelsea on that trip and to their deaths but Bo insists its not her fault just like its not Maggie’s fault about what happened to his pop and Mickey. They go to JT’s room where Roman, Max, Abby, and Shawn have also joined everyone. They are shocked to see Bo holding a distraught Billie. Bo announces the news about Chelsea and Patrick as everyone else says that Roman already told them. Bo is shocked when everyone feels more worse about Patrick them about Chelsea. He calls them all on it as Hope says that Patrick may have been a little shady but he saved a lot of people’s lives on the island and when they rescued Victor and Caroline last summer. Hope admits its hard to grieve Chelsea right now given everything that has happened and her role in it. Bo can’t believe that everyone is blaming Chelsea. Caroline says that she really doesn’t blame Chelsea and actually blames herself for letting Shawn go out in the storm. Everyone begs her not to think that way. Jen and Alice don’t blame Chelsea either but everyone else. With the exception of Max and Abby who are holding each other and comforting each other over the news, does and each goes on their personal tirade to bash Chelsea and her irresponsible and reckless behavior. They all also blame Bo, Billie, and Kate for spoiling her and letting her get away with everything. Bo looks at Hope and everyone else and can’t believe what he is hearing. Hope says that the accident may have still happened but Chelsea’s car was speeding and out of control and was the car that started the pileup. Its hard to look past that and not blame her. Bo says that if Hope hadn’t agreed with Billie about sending Chelsea on the trip it may not have happened either. Hope is appalled they are trying to put this on her and then she throws it back at them saying that they wouldn’t have had to even talk about sending her with Patrick on a trip if it weren’t for Bo, Billie, and Kate and their bad parenting. Billie then explodes with anger and verbally attacks everyone in the room saying that Shawn was a screwup too but they let it go but because it was her daughter that screwed up they are blaming her for everything and her and Bo and her mother for being bad parents. Shawn is enraged too saying his actions were not because of his parents and that he was an adult making his own decisions. Chelsea was only 18. Roman and Frankie try to calm everyone down along with Caroline and Alice. Billie thinks that she should go as Hope agrees saying that if JT dies there will be more blood on Chelsea’s hands and it will all be because of her being a spoiled brat. Bo takes offense too saying that Hope is attacking him as a father as well. Hope ignores him as Billie leaves in tears. Bo starts to follow her but then stops and looks at Hope and everyone else. Hope says that he needs to make another choice. Hope says, “Will you choose Billie and your daughter again or will you choose me and your family and former son? I think its time to balance things out Bo since its always been Billie and your daughter. Well, now I need you. Your family needs you more then ever right now. You have been there for Billie and can go back to her later but we need you now Bo. What will it be? Billie or me?” Everyone in the room is focused on Bo as the screen freezes on a torn Bo’s face and then fades to black.

On the Next Days...

Maggie has a dream where Mickey visits her. A drunk Phillip confronts Belle and then makes a shocking decision. A lonely, drunk, and depressed Lucas considers suicide. Billie realizes that what everyone is saying about her is true. The Reiber’s attorney has big news for the Brady’s as JT takes a turn for the worse.


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