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November 10, 2006




Sydney, Australia.

-Stefano and Alexandra have arrived at one of DiMera’s underground holding cells. They can see both Steve and Kayla on closed-circuit television. Alexandra is very impressed by Stefano’s set-up. Stefano thanks her, saying that this cell has special meaning. It is the very first place he held Roman Brady after he shot him on the top of his island 20 years ago. And now, it is where Steve and Kayla Johnson will meet their doom. Stefano is very pleased to see tension between Steve and Kayla in the cell. Alexandra is smiling, telling her father that after this week, the Brady family and their enemies will be no more. Stefano concurs, and both walk away, arm in arm.

-Back in Salem, at the cop shop, Roman, Abe & Shane gear up to fly to Australia, to not only locate Kayla and now a very much alive Steve, but to also capture Stefano and put him behind bars once and for all. Just then, Billie leaves a stunned Jack and and races in to the room after deciding she needs to tell Roman about Hope following Bo and Victor to Australia and there is no time to waste. She tells all three that Victor and Bo have already taken off after Stefano and Lexie, and that Hope followed them. Abe is distraught. He can’t believe Lexie went with him, even after the custody battle. Roman tells Abe to not be naive. She’s out for blood, and anyone’s will do. Shane tells everyone that now is not the time for all of this. They need to pack and get a jet to Australia, and fast. As Abe calls Celeste to tell her what is up, Roman tells Caroline that he will bring Kayla and Bo home. He kisses her on her cheek, and everyone races out to the airport. Caroline then asks God to protect all of her family, and to bring them home safely.

-Witnessing all of the movements as Roman and the others leave the station is the Mysterious Cloaked Figure, who says:

MCF: Sydney. As good a place as any to wipe out Roman Brady, Bo Brady, Steve Johnson, and everyone connected with them. This should be easy. And after that, I can move on...........to the rest of them.

-Billie returns to Jack, who is still in shock and reeling from the fact that the brother he buried 16 years ago is alive and well. He wonders if Steve will even remember him and if all this is even true. Billie tells him that she hopes so. She also says that, no matter what they have been through recently with the tension between them, he can count on her to be there for him. Jack appreciates this and says that what happened between them is in the past and he doesn't want to discuss it. He says that he just can’t sit idly by and not try to save his brother. Jack tells Billie about how much he hated Steve when he first found out they were related but came to admire and respect how he turned his life around. Steve was his role model and because of Stefano DiMera and Lawrence Alamain, he was robbed of his family. Well, no more, Jack says. Time for some God-damn payback! He can also get a big story too and get revenge for his wife's death. Jack races past Billie on his way out of the station, telling her that he, too, is going to find Steve, and bring him home.

-Billie follows Jack home, and listens to Jack as he gets angrier. He says that Stefano will pay with his life for killing Jennifer, leaving his daughter without a mother, and for all the destruction he has caused. Frankie walks in and ask where Jack is going in such a hurry. He says to kill Stefano Dimera! He fills Frankie in on what is going on and he is stunned. With that all said, he walks past Frankie into the night but not before asking Frankie to watch Abby while they’re gone. Frankie says sure and that Laura and Bill are around too. Billie asks that he look after Chelsea too as it seems she wants to stay with Abby for the time being. Frankie says that he, Max, and anyone else around will take care of her. Billie tells him she will make sure her mother and the rest of her family knows she is leaving so they can look in on Chelsea from time to time. She tells Jack she is going with him and cites her ISA experience. She can be his backup. Jack doesn't have time to argue and agrees she may be helpful so he tells her to come on. Frankie tells Billie to watch Jack and herself. Billie smiles and then leaves with Jack.

-Standing at the boarding line, Maggie is still trying to convince Hope to work with her to find and wipe out Stefano DiMera in Sydney and to also help Bo and Victor. Hope tells Maggie that she doesn’t know the first thing about what she’s getting into. Maggie reminds Hope that she has been in dangerous situations before and reminds her of both island plots. When the boarding call comes over the loudspeaker, Hope thinks for a moment, and then agrees with Maggie realizing they have no time to waste and that Maggie would just find a way to go anyway. It's better that she doesn't go at it on her own. Maggie smiles and they both board the plane.

-As Victor’s private jet flies at lightning speed to Australia, he reminds Bo of what’s at stake. Bo tells him that there is no need to tell him. Stefano is one man who has had this coming for years. He knows of Stefano’s location, and the location of his hideouts. Victor assures him that his men are everywhere and that they will do whatever it takes. There are some in a plane behind him and some already on the ground near the Dimera compound they located. He says they will even act as missionaries. Bo is bothered by this and doesn't want mass bloodshed. Victor says they must do whatever is necessary and the men understand that. He says he no longer cares what happens to him. If he dies, he dies. Bo is shocked by this asking him if he sure he is prepared for his life to end. Victor gives him a cold stare, telling Bo that since he was a poor young man, all he has known is risks. But, when you play chess, you play to capture the king, by any means necessary. Bo says very well. For his family, his friends, and for the people of Salem, if this is his judgment day, let him go and see God AFTER he has killed Stefano DiMera!

-There is then a split screen showing Jack and Billie arriving at the airport, Hope and Maggie boarding the plane, Roman, Abe & Shane also arriving at the airport, Victor and Bo toasting what could be their final “Days”, and in the center, Stefano and Alexandra, laughing at their upcoming victory over their deadly enemies.

As Celeste sits in Abe’s home, she pulls out her Tarot cards. After she shuffles her deck, she places the cards on the table. She is beyond shocked, and horrified at the same time, for she predicts:

Celeste: Death! Blood! Oh My God..........They’re doomed! They’re All Doomed!!!!!!!!!

The picture slowly fades to black as the screen freeze-frames on her anguished face.


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